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"This station will be a symbol of the Republic in the Outer Rim. A place where we will celebrate our union, and help each other to make it grow. It will send out a signal, for anyone in this sector to hear, at any time. The beacon. The beacon of the Republic. The sound... of hope."
―Lina Soh[7]

Starlight Beacon, also known as Starlight Station and often referred to as simply Starlight, was a space station constructed in the Outer Rim Territories during the High Republic Era, built on the Galactic Frontier. Situated in the center of the Outer Rim's unexplored dark zones, the station's large size caused its construction to cost a great effort and expense. As the region was difficult to navigate at the time, the station, launched in 232 BBY, acted as a beacon, sending out a signal that guided travelers, and boosted communication networks active in the Outer Rim. It was a hub for the Jedi Order and the Republic Defense Coalition, designed to unite and protect.


Porter Engle: "I'd like to see it, too. It sounds beautiful."
Loden Greatstorm: "It is. Wouldn’t you say, Bell?"
Bell Zettifar: "Gorgeous. There's a biosphere zone, where visitors can check out actual re-creations of various worlds in the Outer Rim Territories. Dantooine jungle, an ice flat from Mygeeto... I liked it."
―Porter Engle, Loden Greatstorm, and Bell Zettifar discuss Starlight Beacon[7]

Starlight Beacon was established by Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh as part of her Great Works,[7] standing as a Republic symbol of guidance, protection, and prosperity.[5] Also known as Starlight Station[24] or just Starlight,[22] it was multi-purpose space station that worked as a communications center, military hub, hospital, observatory, research station, market, and cultural center, providing visitors with a glimpse into the diverse culture of countless worlds in the Republic. It was intended to be run as a military station if need be and had a strong contingent of security provided by the Republic Defense Coalition.[7]

The initial exhibits showed subsonic whisper-fiber concerts by Chadra-Fan masters, Mon Calamari ocean dancing, and modules showing flora and fauna from the planets Kashyyyk, Kooriva, and more. It also featured comprehensive environmental replicas of various planets from the Outer Rim Territories, including the jungles of Dantooine and the ice flats of Mygeeto. The exhibits would be constantly updated to ensure the representation of many worlds.[7] Serving as a prominent medical center, Starlight had an infirmary crewed by droids. Its medical records updated every half-day.[5] Also inside was an Archive, led by Jedi archivist OrbaLin. In addition, the station housed the largest number of Jedi outside of Coruscant, with a temple designed by Jedi architect Palo Hidalla.[25]

The station's command was shared by three individuals: a Republic Defense Coalition admiral, a Republic territorial administrator, and a Jedi Master. Decisions would be made via a majority vote between the three. Jedi Master Jora Malli was chosen to step down from her position on the Jedi Council and command the Jedi quarter.[7] However, her death at the Battle of Kur resulted in Avar Kriss being assigned to take her place as marshal, after being elevated to that rank by the Jedi Council.[25]

Starlight was extremely expensive and required a great deal of effort.[1] Construction of Starlight Beacon was overseen by the Bith administrator Shai Tennem. The station itself was nineteen percent triazurite, a rare mineral that helped to boost transmission signals from the station. Some workers who built the station were contracted from various planets. Starlight Beacon carried a hefty accompaniment, including the Jedi starcruiser Ataraxia.[7]

Starlight Beacon would be completed in 232 BBY.[8] Ultimately, Starlight Beacon would lie in the Eiram system, specifically near the lost moon of Eirie.[5] The system lay in the unexplored and difficult to navigate dark zones of the Outer Rim Territories, which added to the production difficulties.[1] The location was chosen to honor the deaths of Monarch Cassel of the planet E'ronoh and Jedi Master Simmix, who had died many twenty-five years before.[5]


The Great Hyperspace Disaster[]

"The Starlight Beacon is due to open in thirty days. I would like to use the occasion to celebrate a Republic triumph over adversity. I do not wish to open that station while a huge swath of the galaxy is locked down, underscoring the Republic's inability to keep its citizens safe."
―Lina Soh urges the Jedi to control the Great Hyperspace Disaster[7]

As the station neared completion, the Emissary-class Republic Cruiser Third Horizon carried Republic officials to the station for a tour, including Admiral Pevel Kronara, Master Kriss, and Master Loden Greatstorm. Administrator Tennem led the tour, showing them every inch of the station. However, shortly after the tour concluded and the Third Horizon was set to depart the station, notably much later than originally scheduled due to Tennem's officious thoroughness, the Great Hyperspace Disaster and the destruction of the Legacy Run led the ship to head for Hetzal Prime to assist in its defense.[7]

Meanwhile, Maru's Padawan Reath Silas, having finished his historiography class at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, was arranged to travel to Starlight Beacon to join his Master. He would be joined by Jedi Masters Orla Jareni and Cohmac Vitus. However, the ship they planned to take encountered problems, so they ended up taking passage to the space station via the Vessel a Byne Guild ship crewed by Leox Gyasi, Affie Hollow, and Geode. During their travels, the Jedi sensed the Great Hyperspace Disaster.[5]

As the tragedy developed, Chancellor Soh closed down the hyperspace lanes until further notice, sending out the world throughout the galaxy to warn travelers that hyperspace was both unnavigable and hazardous. The move promised to delay Starlight's dedication and opening ceremony. Although Senators like Izzet Noor were unhappy with this decision, Soh maintained her position.[7] Meanwhile, any Jedi within reach of Starlight were assigned there to help assist.[5]

Following the disaster, Starlight's scheduled dedication remained intact. Without Master Malli, Master Estala Maru arrived on the station to oversee the hundreds of delegates that were set to arrive. To Maru's dismay, Master Sskeer left the station along his Padawan, Keeve Trennis, and had not returned with less than a day before the ceremony. Keeve Trennis. Despite rarely leaving Coruscant, Grand Master Yoda arrived at Starlight along with Grand Master Pra-Tre Veter nine hours before the ceremony for the dedication. The two Grand Masters met with Maru and Kriss and appointed Master Kriss as the marshal of the station.[13]

Master Maru would soon be contacted by Trennis, who told him that the signals from the station were causing chaos on the planet Shuraden, making the ridadi, a species of star-locusts, be drawn to the station. Maru recalibrated the frequency to allow the ridadi to continue their normal migration patterns and not be influenced by the signals. Following their time on Shuraden, Sskeer and Trennis hurried back to the station, and to Trennis's amazement, she was knighted by Kriss.[13]

Prior to the official dedication ceremony, Master Zia Zaldor Zanna and her Jedi Initiates toured Starlight Beacon. The Jedi younglings Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs traveled with their friend Nash Durango aboard her starship Crimson Firehawk to Starlight Beacon, carrying a Tenoo tree sapling as a gift. The younglings were delayed after helping a group of reformed pirates led by Chigg, whose starship had gotten stuck on the planet Galjaero. Though late, the younglings and the former pirates managed to reach a station where they were given a tour by Master Maru.[26]

The dedication[]

"My friends, this beacon is a symbol of hope… not just for pioneers on the frontier… or for those who join the Republic day by day. Starlight is a symbol of hope for the entire galaxy. A symbol of trust. Of unity. Whenever you feel alone… whenever darkness closes in… hear our signal, and know that the Force is with you. Know that we are with you. This is our promise. This is our covenant. For light and life."
―Avar Kriss's dedication speech[13]

The Dedication of Starlight Beacon

As the Emergences crisis was managed by the Jedi, the station eventually opened on time. Despite the threat of delays, it was christened on the exact deadline that Chancellor Soh had set. Luminaries from across the galaxy arrived for the dedication. Bell Zettifar, Indeera Stokes, Porter Engle, Stellan Gios, Elzar Mann, Sskeer, Nib Assek, Burryaga Agaburry, Vernestra Rwoh, Imri Cantaros, Yarael Poof,[7] Zia Zaldor Zanna,[27] and countless other prominent Jedi traveled there for the dedication.[7] Silas also attended, albeit in a somber mood due to his Master's death.[5] Other notable attendees included King Pychor Vuundir, Queen Dafne Vuundir, Prince Cyrus Vuundir, Brightstar, Solay, Nubs, and Zettifar's pet charhound Ember.[27]

Prior to the ceremony Prince Cyrus, who also had a secret pirate alter ego known as Taborr Val Dorn, attempted to steal Starlight Beacon's dedication plaque. He tricked the Jedi younglings Brightstar, Solay and Nubs into giving him a tour of the space station. Following a lengthy pursuit and confrontation, Taborr managed to escape his Jedi pursuers by claiming that his gang had taken Cyrus hostage. Despite escaping, Cyrus gained respect for his Jedi adversaries and subsequently attended the dedication ceremony with his Jedi friends, who were unaware of his alter ego.[27]

In addition to Kriss, who gave a dedication speech, there were multiple other speakers, including Queen Thandeka of Eiram, who emphasized unity and acknowledged the sacrifices of her former opponent in the Eiram and E'ronoh War, Monarch Cassel and Jedi Master Simmix. In an effort to showcase the two worlds' newfound connectivity following the conflict, Starlight was placed near the two planets. Following the speakers, the grand feast began.[5] Master Yoda and Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh also spoke at the dedication ceremony.[27]

Future operations[]

Kriss remained on Starlight as Sskeer and Trennis were joined by Terec and Ceret on a mission to a sector in the Kazlin system. When they encountered A Hutt Clan starship carrying Vratixian barley that had been attacked, Kriss advised two of them to visit the nearby planet of Sedri, where the ship had been coming from, while she and Vernestra Rwoh took the Ataraxia to recover the ship. Sskeer and Ceret departed for Sedri while Kriss and Rwoh traveled from Starlight and met Trennis and Terec at the wreckage of the ship.[28]

The body of the Hutt was brought back to Starlight for autopsy.[29] As Archivist Orbalin, Imri Cantaros, and Rwoh inspected the corpse, they learned that it was infested with an unknown substance. However, they quickly learned that it was infested by a Drengir. Maru contacted Kriss, who had joined Sskeer, Terec, and Trennis on Sedri, asking for help, but the Jedi on Sedri were also battling the Drengir and soon enough, Hutt mercenaries.[10] The Drengir had spread to thousands of other planets, many of whom were contacting Starlight Beacon for help. Maru told Kriss of this development as she, Rwoh, and Cantaros continued to battle the Drengir, and Kriss told her to reroute the communications to her. Showing the Hutts that the Drengir were their common enemy, they began to fight together. Sskeer, who had allowed himself to be possessed by the Drengir, had an idea to stop them. He urged Trennis to perform a mind touch on him as a means to combat the Drengir. This allowed the Jedi on Starlight, as well at other locations, to push the Drengir back.[30]

Meanwhile, following the attacks by the Nihil,[25] whose leader Marchion Ro believed that Starlight's construction was a trespass into Nihil territory,[7] Master Kriss became obsessed with finding the Eye of the Nihil after several attacks from the Nihil.[25]

By the time of the Dalnan evacuation, Starlight Beacon was supposed to have hyperdrives installed. However, they were delayed, forcing the station to engage in a tandem jump to reach Dalna.[2]



The Starlight Beacon would be destroyed by the Nihil.

Eventually the Nihil would infiltrate Starlight Beacon and disrupted Starlight systems before they set off a bomb that caused the station to fall out of orbit and onto the planet Eiram.[11] Kriss blamed herself for the station's destruction, and went into the Occlusion Zone to attempt to destroy the Nihil.[25] Ghirra Starros managed, however, to save her daughter from the destruction.[31]

Age of the Empire[]

"In the days of the High Republic, the galaxy was not as settled as it is now. Areas like the Outer Rim were dangerous, hard to navigate. So the people of that time built a huge space station at great effort and expense and placed it in the center of the dark zones. It sent out a signal that acted as a sort of beacon, helping travelers find their way. They gave that station an inspiring name, fitting its purpose."
―Commander Grek[1]

Many years later,[1] in 3 ABY,[32] Commander Grek of the Rebel Alliance used the station as inspiration for Operation Starlight, a plan to reassemble the Alliance Fleet following its fracture after the Battle of Hoth.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Starlight Beacon was created for the Star Wars: The High Republic publishing project.[33] The station was indirectly mentioned in the comic Star Wars (2020) 2, written by Charles Soule and published by Marvel Comics[1] on January 29, 2020,[34] and its name was given in the project's official reveal on February 24, 2020.[33]

An excerpt of The High Republic (2021) 1 published in The High Republic Free Digital Sampler placed Starlight Beacon in a region called the Starless Expanse.[35] This was removed from the final comic.[13]


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