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The Starlight Intruder was a large ship built by Salla Zend and Shug Ninx, two smugglers in Ninx's starship garage on Nar Shaddaa. They began work on it in 4 ABY.


The ship, based on the MB-C1 medium transport, was constructed from salvaged parts of other ships, and featured:

  • jets attached underneath its hull to increase maneuverability
  • four military-grade ion engines
  • an old Hutt hyperspace engine
  • four shield generators
  • retractable turbolaser turrets
  • seven times the cargo capacity of other light freighters
  • twenty differential drive thrusters


Starlight Intruder schematics.

When Han Solo ventured back into Salla and Shug's lives, in need of a ship cleared to make a Deep Core run to Byss in 10 ABY, the old smuggler friends agreed and took Han, Leia, Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon to Byss. However, after a brief interaction with Imperial security, the Intruder was seized by Byss security and impounded. Salla and Shug were able to save the Falcon; later, they hijacked a Viper Hunter-Killer after Han and the others were taken prisoner and locked in the Imperial Citadel and rescued their friends. They left Byss, but in the process they effectively abandoned Starlight Intruder while still in Imperial possession.

Some weeks later, Salla and Shug caught a freighter back to Byss, and when they arrived they discovered that Starlight Intruder had been scuttled and slagged by technicians, with any valuable parts sold off to scavengers hoping to build and enhance their own ships, just as Salla and Shug had done once before to build Intruder in the first place. The last remains of the ship were being used to fuel furnaces.



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