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Starlog was a magazine dedicated to science-fiction film and television that ran for 374 issues, from August 1976 to April 2009. Initially conceived as a magazine dedicated to Star Trek, its scope expanded to include any and all science-fiction on film and television. The magazine featured extensive coverage of the Star Wars franchise. The magazine also published Starlog Yearbook.

Although not a licensed Lucasfilm publication, Starlog included several articles contributed by individuals involved in the production of official Star Wars projects, such as the Star Tours ride at Disneyland and the Ewoks television series. Some of this content introduced exclusive in-universe information with regards to Star Wars Legends canon.

The magazine's parent company, Starlog Communications International, Inc. also published The Official Star Wars Technical Journal series.

Issues containing Star Wars content[]

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Date Issue Article Archive
November 1976 2 Log Entries link
February 1979 19 "Star Wars" Invades TV link
July 1981 48 The George Lucas Saga, Chapter 1: "A New View" link
August 1981 49 The George Lucas Saga, Chapter 2: "The Cold Fish Strikes Back" link
September 1981 50 Jeremy Bulloch
The George Lucas Saga, Chapter 2: "The Revenge of the Box Office"
November, 1985 100 George Lucas: The New Projects link
December, 1985 101 Warwick Davis: Return of the Ewok link
May 1987 118 Star Wars: The Disneyland Journey, Part One
George Lucas' Guide to Star Tours
June 1987 119 Star Wars: The Disneyland Journey, Part Two link
February 1988 127 George Lucas: Father of the Force
Star Wars Memories
April 1997 237 Maker of Myths link
August 1999 265 The Man Behind Menace
Kid Jedi
Jedi Messiah
Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace: The Art
July 2002 300 Building a Better Empire
Darth Knight
August 2005 337 His Jedi Destiny
New Hopes


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