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Iziz starport visa

A starport visa was a specific type of documentation that allowed a traveler to freely enter or leave a starport on a given planet. There were two types of starport visas: open, which anyone could use, or personalized, which could only be used by a particular individual. During the Onderon Civil War, government officials had ceased issuing starport visas, making them supremely valuable. Traveling to Onderon in the company of Mandalore with the intention of contacting Jedi Master Kavar, the Jedi Exile was given a personalized visa upon her arrival to the Iziz starport. While in Iziz, the Exile was approached by many people looking for a starport visa. Each of these individuals had what seemed to be compelling reasons for needing to leave the planet.

During her time in Iziz, the Exile came into the possession of two extra starport visas, one open and one personalized. In the Iziz Cantina, there was a Twi'lek slicer by the name of Kiph who had the ability to slice a personalized visa into an open visa; the Exile took advantage of his services to modify the personalized visa. She was then able to give away the two visas to the individuals of her choice.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, the player character has a choice of 5 individuals that they can give the visas to: Gormo, a stranded freighter captain; Xaart, a Republic spy; Sakarie, an Exchange operative; Tolas, a greedy merchant and Terlyn, a desperate mother of two children. The player will gain light side or dark side points and there is opportunity to gain influence with different companions depending on the player's choices.


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