The Starry Ice was one of the starships in Talon Karrde's smuggling operation. It was a modified Corellian Engineering Corporation Action V transport.


The ship led a group of freighters that were ambushed at the Graveyard in 7 ABY.

It was stationed on Myrkr in 9 ABY when Luke Skywalker was brought to Karrde's base of operations there. When Grand Admiral Thrawn arrived, everyone who knew of Skywalker's presence was sent to prepare the Starry Ice for launch so as to keep this information hidden from the Imperial warlord.

Also present at the Smugglers' Alliance meeting on Hijarna, several crew members from the Starry Ice helped search the Wild Karrde for an intruder.

When the Smuggler's Alliance and the New Republic attacked Bilbringi, Starry Ice was present along with Dawn Beat, Lastri's Ort, Amanda Fallow, and several others.[2] Eventually Shirlee Faughn became the ship's captain.

Behind the scenes[]

"Starry Ice" may be a pun on the term "starry eyes." This would be in line with Talon Karrde's habit of naming his starships with puns.



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