"Killing workers brings unwanted attention. The Starscorch crew must stop, and they are too greedy to listen."
―Nogba Quush[src]

The Starscorch Robbers were a group of criminals that operated in the Anoat sector, where they once had an association the Trade Spine League. However, when the Robbers started stealing from warehouses, they killed many innocent civilians in the process, which drew too much attention to the League. As a consequence, Nogba Quush of the Trade Spine League hired the Smuggler to stop the Robbers before they could attack yet another warehouse. The Smuggler accomplished that mission, killing the Starscorch hoodlums and thugs in the mines of Burnin Konn.[1] The Smuggler later returned to Burnin Konn and engaged Bith Starscorch hoodlums.[2]


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