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The Starship Graveyard, also known as the Graveyard of Giants or Graveyard of Ships, was a wide desert area on the planet Jakku that took its name because of the wreckage of "giant" ships accumulated on its dunes.


The Inflictor's wreckage in the Graveyard of Giants.

One year after the Battle of Endor, the Galactic Empire and the New Republic fought a battle on Jakku, during which damaged starships of both factions crash landed on the terrain, littering the landscape with debris and dangerous volatiles like fuel and coolant.[2] Among the wreckage of huge warships were the Inflictor[5] and the Ravager.[6] Republic infantry attempted to strike a decisive attack against the Imperial forces defending their weapons facility.[7] In one section of the graveyard, the Crackle, the sandy terrain had been turned to glass from the heat of a crash.[4] The 35 ABY[8] uprising against the First Order added at least one Resurgent-class Star Destroyer to the wreckage littering this area.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

"Graveyard of Giants" is one of the two maps introduced in the free Star Wars Battlefront downloadable content called "Battle of Jakku," which was released on December 8, 2015.

The Graveyard appears in a promotional video created exclusively for Facebook.[10]


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