This article is about the starship graveyard on Hoth. You may be looking for the starship graveyard on Jakku.

The Starship Graveyard was a region on the planet Hoth that was home to the remains of dozens of ships that had been shot down during the Battle of Hoth in 3665 BBY. Two significant ships in the area were the Vehement Sword, which had broken in half and was referred to as the "Broken Blade" by the White Maw pirates; and the Star of Coruscant, a massive Republic dreadnought that remained intact after it crashed to the surface. During the Revolt against the Eternal Empire, the Eternal Empire's Star Fortress in orbit above the planet cause more wrecks to crash into the surface, while the Eternal Empire did nothing to stope the fighting over the shipwrecks.



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