"Don't Worry. With the Falcon's sensors, its like seeing the future. You'll know where each Imperial Fighter is headed before the TIE pilots have made a move."
Lando Calrissian, to Nien Nunb, before the Battle of Endor[src]

One of the most important systems on any starship were the starship sensor arrays, also called sensor suites. Without sensors, ships would be unable to navigate, spot approaching obstacles, detect incoming ships or projectiles, or chart interstellar phenomena. Sensor arrays gathered information about the surrounding space or environment using a variety of sensors and then an advanced computer would process and analyze the data for the crew to use.

All starship sensor arrays used some form of long range sensor device, a computer to collect the data, and a display to show the data to the pilot. However, on larger ships, there were usually multiple sensor arrays and sensor types, including the passive-mode sensors, active sensors, search-mode sensors, focus-mode sensors, full-spectrum sensors, and short-range electrophoto receptors, which scanned in the frequencies from ultraviolet radiation to infrared radiation and were commonly used in targeting computers. Other energy receptors focused on energy emissions, such as those from engines, communications, heat, and weapons fire. Some sensors were designed to detect organic life forms. Crystal gravfield traps were capable of locating cloaked ships and other gravitational anomalies and hyperwave signal interceptors scanned for hyperspace disturbances, such as Cronau radiation.

In warships, the sensor arrays were watched by a sensor officer.

Elint sensorsEdit

Certain starships were equipped with sophisticated military sensors designed to gather electronic signals intelligence, or elint [1]. One such vessel was the Clone Wars-era Traffic Interdiction Vessel.

Behind the scenesEdit

The sensor array of the Tantive IV is called "solar fin" in the script and in the novelization of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.



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