The Starstalker was a Corporate Sector Authority ChaseMaster frigate in use in the Lost Tribe of Sith's armada by 44 ABY. Captained by Vyn Holpur, it was part of the task force under the command of High Lord Sarasu Taalon sent to ally with Luke Skywalker for a mission to the Maw eliminate the dark side being Abeloth. After the task force stopped briefly on Klatooine, Taalon decided to leave two ChaseMasters behind, including the Starstalker and the Winged Dagger, to meet up with Lando Calrissian, who was bringing along an asteroid tug for assistance in navigating the Maw. Holpur soon received orders from Taalon passed down from the Winged Dagger's Captain, Leeha Faal, to retrieve wintrium samples from the sacred Fountain of Ancients on Klatooine. The Starstalker and her crew beset the Fountain, which was defended by primitively-armed Klatooinian guards. Soon, however, Hutts arrived to help the Klatooinians, and they attacked the Starstalker, taking the Sith captive. The Sith were then brought to trial, and Holpur and the entire crew of the Starstalker were convicted of violating the Fountain and condemned to death.


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