Starweirds were a species of incorporeal humanoids found only in space. Tall and gaunt, they possessed long, sharp talons, wild white hair, and glowing eyes. The creatures appeared to spacers repairing their starships in space, or aboard vessels traveling through hyperspace. A starweird would choose a target, and, after being spotted, emit a telepathic scream that caused fear in most individuals. The starweird would then attack its victim. Starweirds were powerful creatures capable of using the Force, and held a strong hatred for Force-users, leading some Jedi to believe that they were apparitions created by the dark side of the Force. During the time of the first conflict fought between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, Jedi Master Wyellett saved his Padawan Xerender and many members of the Jedi Council from a famous starweird known as the Starweird Queen.

Biology and appearance[]

Starweirds were incorporeal, humanoid, Force-using creatures found only in the vacuum of space. They were very tall and extremely gaunt—to the point of almost being skeletal—and wore ephemeral rags that hung from their two arms. Starweirds had long, wild white hair that floated around their heads even when influenced by gravity. The creatures had pale skin that varied slightly in color from one starweird to another, and their faces were desiccated. However, specific accounts of what a starweird's face looked like varied, with many witnesses stating that the creature's face somewhat resembled their own. Starweirds each had a large, toothy mouth and eyes that glowed in a way that some individuals described as eerie. Their arms were bony and ended in hands with three large, sharp, black talons. The species' incorporeal nature made it possible for the creature to resist conventional attacks and pass through solid objects, although force fields still stopped the creatures. They were also fully affected by the use of the Force.[1]

Instead of walking on their two legs, Starweirds hovered or flew silently at a speed that was slightly faster than most bipedal Human-sized species could move. While fairly intelligent, the creatures did not speak or communicate and had no known language. The species was capable of seeing up to twenty meters in complete darkness, although they were unable to distinguish color under those conditions. Starweirds could use the Force powers Drain energy, Force grip, Force lightning, and Force sight. They had no ecological role, and after dying, a starweird left no traces of itself behind.[1]


Starweirds would typically appear to spacers repairing their damaged starship in deep space, or manifest aboard a ship traveling in hyperspace. Upon being spotted, starweirds became enraged and released a loud, piercing telepathic shriek that affected creatures within twenty meters. Due to the call's telepathic nature, it could be heard even in the vacuum of space. Their scream often caused listeners to cower in fear or attempt to flee, although some individuals were able to overcome their terror and fight back. After issuing the shriek, the powerful creature would set upon its foe, shredding them with its sharp claws. A starweird would choose one target and focus on that individual.[1] The creatures were noted for having a particular hatred for Force-sensitives, who they would mindlessly concentrate on killing even if there were other creatures present.[1]


Starweirds were found solely in deep space. They were considered a mysterious species, and some Jedi hypothesized that they were physical manifestations of the dark side of the Force. However, there was little evidence available that supported the theory.[1] During the first war fought between the reconstituted Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, the Starweird Queen was a member of the species who was considered to be legendary. The Starweird Queen attacked many of the members of the Jedi Council and a Jedi Padawan named Xerender. The group of Jedi was saved by Jedi Master Wyellett, who was the teacher of Xerender, which caused the Jedi Master to be captured by Imperial forces.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Starweirds were an extremely powerful creature created for Ultimate Adversaries, a 2004 sourcebook written by Eric Cagle, Michelle Lyons, Michael Mikaelian, Steve Miller, Owen K.C. Stephens, and Wil Upchurch for Wizards of the Coast's revised edition of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. A picture of a starweird was drawn for the sourcebook by Andrew Jones.[1] In Star Wars: The Old Republic, a 2011 MMORPG produced by BioWare, an entity known as the "Starweird Queen" was mentioned in the codex entry for Master Wyellett, which was given to members of the Sith Warrior class on the planet Hoth. The entry did not specify where the battle between the Starweird Queen and the Jedi took place, or what happened to the Queen at the end of the battle.[2]



Notes and references[]

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