The Station 88 Spaceport, or simply Station 88, was a large spaceport founded by the rulers of Delaluna, Junction V, Bezim and the Vicondor systems. Located along the Celanon Spur in the Mid Rim's Vorc sector, it was a key strategic area for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, for it was the gateway to the Mid Rim star systems.

In 22 BBY, at his mountain villa on Null, Count Dooku met with the rulers of the four planets that comprised the Station 88 planetary alliance, in order to convince them to side with and give control of the spaceport to the Confederacy. When the rulers followed the lead of Lorian Nod and cast their lots with the Galactic Republic, Dooku viciously attacked them with an army of super battle droids. But, thanks to the intervention of Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, the attack failed and Dooku fled.

Station 88 Spaceport thereafter remained within Republic control.



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