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"Station Theta Black" is the eleventh episode of the first season of the animated television series Star Wars Resistance. The episode premiered on December 9, 2018.

Official description[]

What begins as a simple recon mission of an abandoned First Order base becomes much more complicated…once Captain Phasma arrives.[3]

Plot summary[]

Kaz's leave of absence[]

The episode opens with a wide landscape shot of the Colossus. At Jarek Yeager's repair shop, Yeager is sitting in his office when R1-J5 ("Bucket") rolls in and asks him about lending Kazuda Xiono the racer Fireball. Yeager claims that he didn't have much of a choice in lending Kaz the Fireball. He says that Tam Ryvora will find out in four seconds, counting down.

Just then, Tam enters the room and demands to know where the Fireball is. She asks if he loaned the ship to Kaz. Yeager tells her to hang on for a second, and reiterates that the Fireball is still technically his ship. Tam says that Kaz won't get very far without a new stabilizer. She remarks that Kaz left before she could fully replace all the worn out stabilizers, alluding that it is her insurance against being unwillingly parted from "her" ship. Yeager quietly responds, "Oh no."

Borrowing the Fireball[]

While flying the Fireball over the planet Castilon, BB-8 beeps. Kaz tells him not to worry because he did a quick run of all the ship's systems and says they should rendezvous with Poe Dameron in no time. Just then the stabilizer begins playing up. Kaz says that the Fireball needs to warm up as long as the stabilizer is holding. Kaz soon learns from BB-8 that the stabilizer is offline. With the readouts malfunctioning, he tells BB-8 that they are in trouble and won't make it to Poe in time. Kaz thinks he is going to die and tells BB-8 it was great knowing him.

While hurtling through space, Kaz looks at the console and pleads with the Fireball not to explode on him. When all seems lost, a Resistance CR90 corvette exits hyperspace and Kaz calls out to Poe. Poe tells him not worry because they have gotten him in a tractor beam. He tells Kaz to ease off the accelerator because they will take him in from here. Kaz thanks Poe, who says he will send some mechanics to look at the ship while they are having their debriefing. Poe remarks that he still can't believe Kaz is flying that "death trap."

Catching up with the Resistance[]

Walking through the CR90 corvette's hallway, Kaz wishes that they will be able to fix the Fireball. BB-8 beeps that it is unfixable, which Kaz agrees. Kaz is greeted by Poe, who is accompanied by CB-23. Poe tells Kaz he wouldn't blow up as long as BB-8 is around. Kaz is taken by surprise and BB-8 rolls on his foot while rushing to greet Poe. BB-8 then talks with CB-23 in Binary.

Poe tells the two "love droids" that there will be plenty of time to catch up. He asks Kaz what he has got for him. Kaz presents a copy of the First Order's proposal to Captain Imanuel Doza, decrypted and ready to go. Poe praises Kaz for his work for the Resistance and tells him that the boss wants to see him. Kaz is amazed to know that General Leia Organa is here. The two enter the meeting room as BB-8 and CB-23 look on.

Inside, Poe greets General Organa and tells her that Kaz has brought the First Order proposal as promised. Kaz presents her with the proposal. General Organa thanks Kaz for his work and says that she will have her staff look at it immediately. Based on Kaz's reports, Leia tells him that the Resistance have calculated a possible flight path through the Unknown Regions that could lead to a First Order outpost.

Kaz is curious but Poe says that is what he is going to find out. Poe invites Kaz along and tells him that this is his mission and that he gets to pick his wingman. Kaz says that means a lot. General Organa reminds Poe that his mission is reconnaissance only and that he is not to engage the enemy. Poe responses that he is not one to engage unless provoked. General Organa reiterates her orders not to engage the enemy and Poe says he understands. As Kaz and Poe leave the room, BB-8 and CB-23 follow them out.

A recon mission[]

Exiting hyperspace, Poe and Kaz approach an asteroid field. When Poe asks a Kaz if he is ready for this, Kaz replies that he is never ready for anything but that hasn't stopped him yet. Poe tells him that is the spirit and complements him for thinking like a Resistance pilot. Kaz says he is not yet ready for this life and death situation stuff. Poe agrees and says that nobody gets used to it. Kaz asks what they are looking for. Poe replies you will know it when I see it. Kaz sees something man-made and the two fly past two buoys, leading Poe to remark "isn't it nice of them." The buoys continue transmitting as their red lights glow.

BB-8 tells Kaz they are picking up something big. Poe tells them to power down to prevent detection and to drift in order to simulate asteroids. The two approach what a First Order station built into an asteroid. CB-23 beeps and Poe says looks like there are no life forms and active droids aboard. Poe orders him to prepare for landing but Kaz reminds him that General Organa said it was only a surveillance mission. Poe counters they are doing surveillance from the inside.

The two land their fighters inside a hangar. Kaz asks what this is for. Poe responds that this is the biggest installation he has seen the First Order build yet. Kaz thinks that it seems a little too easy and asks what if the First Order comes back. Poe orders CB-23 to remotely fly their ships into the asteroid field and hide. He says he will contact her for a pickup. CB-23 departs with the two fighters while BB-8 remains with Poe and Kaz.

Poe tells Kaz and BB-8 to look around and find out what this place is. Poe hands Kaz a blaster and asks if he knows how to use one of these things. Kaz says he had some target practice in the New Republic Navy with some simulated weapons. Poe is critical of simulated weapons but Kaz tells him that he was good at it. Poe tells Kaz that this is real and that things could actually shoot him and that he may have to shoot back.

The sentry droid[]

The two take a turbolift into a corridor, which they find empty. Kaz says he is still unsure about what he is looking for. Poe says they are looking for information and asks Kaz if he can find some kind of computer terminal so that they can access their records. BB-8 manages to find a rectangular terminal and Kaz tells him to plug in to see what he can find out.

BB-8 complies and says that it is not good. Kaz reads the computer screen and discovers that the station is not being abandoned but is being prepped for demolition. Poe asks when and Kaz tells BB-8 to find out. The droid tries to check but the control room soon loses power.

Just then, the three are approached by a boxy First Order sentry droid, which unfolds and unleashes several antennae. Kaz asks what is that and says he thought there weren't any active droids here. Poe counters that it looks active. He tells Kaz they have to find that control room fast. Kaz counters that he doesn't think that he is going to give them directions.

The droid unleashes electrical antennae, forcing Poe and Kaz to retreat near the dog. Poe and Kaz fire at the droid but are unable to pierce its armor. As Kaz misses, Poe tells him to pretend to shoot something. Kaz says he hasn't seen him shoot something. Poe manages to shoot the droid in the heart, disabling it. Kaz remarks about their non-engagement rule but Poe says the droid doesn't count. Kaz counters it will if he sets off an alarm. Poe reassures Kaz they didn't set off an alarm but Kaz is not so confident.

The walls have ears[]

Meanwhile at Starkiller Base, Captain Phasma and Major Vonreg receive an alert from a hologram displaying Station Theta Black. The Major asks if she wanted to see him. Phasma tells him that Station Theta Black was slated for demolition today. When he asks how that concerns him, she tells him that the two of them will be accompanying the demolition crew because they have intruders on that station. When Vonreg asks if it is the Resistance, she says they will find out. She orders the Major to gather his squadron and that they will leave at once.

The First Order arrives[]

Back at Station Theta Black, Kaz tells Poe that they should leave because the First Order could be here any minute. Poe replies that he can't be sure and insists on finding out what the station is being used for. BB-8 agrees with Kaz, annoying Poe. Kaz says that it because BB-8 knows that I am on a mission and that it goes according to plan. BB-8 follows the two humans.

Meanwhile in the asteroid field, CB-23 is keeping watch over the two starfighters. She spots an Upsilon-class command shuttle, Major Vonreg's red TIE Interceptor, and three TIE/sf space superiority fighters exiting hyperspace and flying over to Station Theta Black. CB-23 alerts BB-8 who beeps.

As they walk through the corridors, Kaz tells Poe that this is a big station and that they are going to get lost. Poe tells him that he worries too much and that worse things can happen. Just then, BB-8 races by and rolls over Kaz's foot by accident. He tells Poe and Kaz that the First Order has come. RealiZing that the First Order is here, Poe looks out a transparisteel window to see a shuttle landing in the hangar bay while TIEs fly past.

Inside the hangar, Captain Phasma disembarks with several stormtroopers carrying explosives. A stormtrooper reports that the hangar is empty and speculates that the intruders have already left. Phasma disagrees and says that there are life signs moving to the upper level. The stormtrooper thinks the intruders are probably scavengers. Phasma tells him he has no interests in his theories and orders him and his men to find them. She tells him to spread out the explosives and adds that she wants this station completely destroyed.

Finding the control room[]

Watching from above, Kaz what they are doing with all those explosives. Poe responds that Kaz read that this place is slated for demolition. He says they are trying to get rid of any evidence of what they are doing. Poe says they need to find out what is going on. Below, Phasma orders the stormtroopers to place the explosives in every quadrant and that not a shred of evidence must be left. Poe tells BB-8 to find the control room. While Phasma watches her troops, BB-8 leads Poe and Kaz through the corridors into the control room. Poe enters the circular control console while Kaz looks at the dashboards.

Poe says he is not finding anything apart from a lot of encrypted data including jump transmissions and some kind of log. Kaz finds a computer screen and says that this station is actually a mining and processing station. He says they are mining the asteroid for dedlanite, adding that they have 200 million kilos of the stuff. When Kaz asks what is dedlanite, Poe says that is the stuff they use to make blasters.

Kaz remarks that is a lot of blasters. Poe orders BB-8 to copy the data and tells Kaz that they will be getting out of here. Poe tells CB-23 to stand by for pick up and to wait for his signal. BB-8 finishes downloading the data and the exit the command center only to encounter two stormtroopers with a set of explosives.

Search and destroy[]

One of the stormtroopers order Poe and Kaz to lower their blasters. Poe tells them to take it easy because they don't want to engage them. The lead stormtrooper reiterates his order to lower their blasters. Poe says he is not engaging them but is just pointing his blaster at the explosives. Kaz says that is technically engaging. The stormtrooper issues his final warning and orders them to put down their blasters. Poe tells Kaz to prepare to engage as they back away from the explosives.

The stormtrooper tells them not to move but Poe tells Kaz to keeping back up. Kaz responds that when the trooper with the blaster tells him not to move I tend not to move. Poe tells Kaz to just move down the hallway. Just then, they are cornered from behind by two more stormtroopers. Poe tells Kaz that is doesn't matter and to just move back by a few more steps.

The lead stormtrooper reiterates his order to drop their weapons. Poe tells Kaz not to do it yet. Poe tells the stormtroopers that if they know what is good for them to let him and his friend out of here. The lead stormtrooper orders his men to terminate them on his mark. Poe then fires at a panel shutting the blast doors. A gunfight breaks out and the explosives set goes up in flames.

Meanwhile, another stormtrooper tells Captain Phasma that the intruders are on Level Two and are heading back towards the main hangar. Phasma believes they have them and orders her men to follow her. On Level Two, Kaz is pursued by two more stormtroopers. Poe is also pursued by two stormtroopers but manages to shoot one down. He and BB-8 flee through the corridors only to bump into another pair of stormtroopers. Poe knocks one down while BB-8 electrocutes the other. Meanwhile, Kaz manages to trap his pursuers behind a set of blast doors.

Escaping the First Order[]

Poe toward the hangar only to run into the path of Phasma and two stormtroopers. He and BB-8 then flee the other way as Phasma and her men give chase. Poe and BB-8 avoid two more stormtroopers converging on them. Meanwhile, Kaz flees into a bridge and sees Poe and BB-8 running on the adjacent bridges, Turning a corner, Poe exchanges fire with Phasma and her troopers. One stormtrooper falls off the bridges.

Kaz manages to use the crane to damage one of bridges, causing a stormtrooper to fall off. He and BB-8 then help Poe up. Captain Phasma lands on top of a pile of crates and survives. Kaz tells Poe that he needed to do the saving for once. Kaz says he is fine with that. Using a comlink, Poe tells CB-23 to bring those birds fast. CB-23 flies the X-wings remotely to the hangar, crossing paths with Major Vonreg and his TIE escorts.

Major Vonreg sees the enemy ships. Poe, Kaz, and BB-8 flee to the end of their bridge which protrudes into space. They jump down on a walkway where they are met by the X-wings. Poe jumps into his X-wing while BB-8 and Kaz jump onto the second one. Kaz almost loses his balance on the nose but manages to jump into the cockpit.

Inside the hangar, Phasma tells her remaining stormtroopers to return to the shuttle and that they are remotely detonating the station at once. Poe and Kaz escape on their X-wings with the droids. Phasma and her troops depart on their shuttle. Major Vonreg and his TIE escorts attack the Resistance X-wings. Kaz tells Poe they need cover because they are sitting ducks out here.

Dogfight above Station Theta Black[]

Poe tells Kaz to do a big left and they fly around the asteroid space station. Major Vonreg chases Poe while the three TIEs Chase Kaz's X-wing. With Kaz unable to shake off his TIE pursuers, Poe flies behind the TIE fighters and takes one out. Kaz thanks Poe. Vonreg and the remaining TIEs continue the pursuit and inflict some damage on Kaz's X-wing.

Kaz warns Poe that the TIE Interceptor is shooting fast. Poe tells Kaz to stay with him because they can outrun them. Fleeing into space, the Resistance X-wings are caught between Vonreg and his wingmates and Phasma's shuttle. Poe tells Kaz to do a "big" now and they fly over their pursuers.

Phasma orders Vonreg to break off his attack. Vonreg protests that he almost had them. Phasma counters that he will die when she blows the station. Vonreg and his wing mates comply and fly away from Station Theta Black. Kaz notices the First Order is retreating and asks why. As they depart from the station, the asteroid explodes. Poe replies that here is your answer and tells Kaz to get out of here.

The two Resistance X-wings flee the fiery wave. Kaz thinks he is not going to make it and says they need to jump out of here. Poe says they can't jump with those asteroids in their path. The two quicken their pace. Kaz dives beneath an asteroid as Poe and CB-23's X-wing escapes the conflagration. Poe calls for a Kaz and flies back into the debris field. He asks Kaz and BB-8 to come in over the intercom.

CB-23 is worried while Poe calls for Kaz and BB-8 over the intercom. After a wait, Kaz says loud and clear. Poe finds Kaz's X-wing hiding in a cavern under an asteroid. Poe is impressed that Kaz used the asteroid as a shield and says he is smarter than he looks. Kaz replies that he has his moments while BB-8 beeps in agreement. Kaz asks BB-8 to let him have this moment of victory. Poe tells a Kaz he earned it and the two return to base by jumping into lightspeed.


Aboard the Resistance CR90 corvette, Poe and Kaz deliver the intelligence that BB-8 obtained to General Organa. Poe tells General Organa that the First Order is clearly making weapons and a lot of them. Organa softly says it would seem so. Kaz adds that if the other senators are just like his father there is no way they are going to believe that the First Order is a threat because of this intel.

Organa agrees with Kazuda since several of them are profiting from the creation of these weapons. While this information is not important to the Senate, Organa reassures them it is invaluable to her efforts. Kaz says he is grateful he can help her Resistance in anyway. Organa tells Kaz that the Resistance does not belong to him alone and that she helps guide it. She reassure him that everyone can do a part in it just like what he is doing now.

Kaz admits that he never thought of it this way. General Organa says she wishes she had more people like Kaz. If she believes what the First Order is planning, Organa opines they are going to need all the help they can get. Kaz says there are a lot of people who would help if they would know what is at stake. Organa says she hopes that Kaz is right before exiting the briefing room.


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