"Station to Station" is the eleventh episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television December 15, 2019 on Disney Channel.[1]

Official description[]

When Tam is sent to a First Order refueling station, some unexpected guests test the limits of her loyalty. [3]

Plot summary[]

Escort duties[]

The episode opens with a wide landscape shot of three First Order TIE/fo space superiority fighters returning to the Thunderer. After the TIE fighters dock back in their hangar bay, Cadet Jace Rucklin (DT-798) complains about the repetitive rotations and having to refuel the fighters. He says he is a pilot and should be out there flying. Cadet Tamara Ryvora (DT-533) asks Jace if he would rather be back at the Colossus serving up Jawa juice. She remarks that servicing engines back in Jarek Yeager's garage was more fun than waiting around.

Lieutenant Galek informs Cadet DT-533 that she has a mission for her. She and Jace rush to Galek, who informs them that Commander Pyre has an important meeting at one of the First Order's key refueling stations called the Titan. She orders Tam to take a shuttle for a supply run. Galek tells DT-798 to stop smiling at Tam's disappointment and willingness to do her bidding because he's going as well since they are both familiar with their kind of stations.

The two escort Pyre's Atmospheric Assault Lander in a twin-seater TIE/sf space superiority fighter. When Jace asks Tam what Galek meant when she said they were familiar with these type of stations, Tam doesn't know until the two sight the Titan, which is the same type of refueling station as the Colossus.

Separate missions[]

The two fly towards the station and land in the hangar. Tam remarks that it resembles their home except it's different while Jace says that it is actually an improvement. They enter a corridor, leading to the supply depot. Jace says the layout is similar to the Colossus. Tam witnesses a First Order technician tripping over a BB-series astromech droid. Despite the technician's attempts to muffle his voice, Tam recognizes him as Kazuda Xiono before he walks away. When Jace inquires, Tam claims it is nothing and the two head towards the supply depot.

Meanwhile, Kaz finds Neeku Vozo who is also disguised as a technician and CB-23 who is covered in black paint, who are searching for the trans-binary deflector for the Colossus under the guise of conducting repairs. Kaz tells Neeku and CB that Tam's presence complicates their mission. Neeku agrees and states that she wouldn't obviously allow them to steal the deflector. CB-23 is unable to ascertain the location of the deflector because he can't find a port that is working.

When two stormtroopers walk past, Kaz pretends to be mouthing orders to Neeku. The three then head into a turbolift where Neeku reminds him that they need a replacement trans-binary deflector for the Colossus within two hours or the station would be polluted with cosmic radiation. Kaz tells Neeku that they are not going to let this happen and will be heading to the engineering level to pull it off. As they exit the turbolift, Kaz tells Neeku to let him do the talking and to keep an eye out for Tam. Neeku replies that he will keep both of his eyes out for Tam.

General Hux's visit[]

They hide behind two crates as two stormtroopers pass by. While going through the cargo bay, Kaz is stopped by two stormtroopers who ask him to lead General Armitage Hux to the tower briefing room. Believing Kaz is a technician who knew the station, Hux complains that the staff were unable to help with proper directions and tells Kaz he has an important briefing and doesn't have all day.

Neeku and CB-23 watch as Kaz, Hux and the stormtroopers enter a lift. Inside, Hux complains about the layout of the refueling stations as being incredibly inconvenient but concedes that they do prove an asset to the First Order as long as the standards are brought to bear. He says that any that do not will be destroyed. Kaz frowns and clenches his fist. Kaz turns around and Hux asks if he has has anything to say. Before Kaz can respond, the lift doors open and General Hux is greeted by Commander Pyre.

Kaz pretends to be reading a datapad while Commander Pyre tells General Hux he is honored to see the young man again while the General tells the Stormtrooper Commander he might not have found him if it wasn't Kaz. Pyre apologizes for not being able to greet Hux upon his arrival since their meeting at the Titan was on such short notice. Hux says that their Supreme Leader wants an update on their stock of refueling stations and asks Pyre if it's true that he has had difficulty acquiring a few. Pyre gives his confirmation to the General and reports that one has become a Resistance cell but vows to crush it. General Hux tells him to make it happen and wants no more excuses. He says that he wants every Resistance cells in the galaxy quashed and asks if he understands. Pyre tells Hux he does as they enter a conference room full of First Order officers while Kaz waits outside and breathes a sigh of relief.

Finding their way around[]

Meanwhile, Tam and Jace push a hoversled. At the supply depot, a stormtrooper tells a worker droid that he needs a DX-92 compressor. Arriving at the supply depot, Tam says that it reminds her of the Office of Acquisitions back at the Colossus but that this one is cold, sterile, and has more stormtroopers. Tam says she misses the Colossus but Jace describes their former home as a trash heap.

Elsewhere, Neeku and CB-23 find a port but encounter two stormtroopers and BB unit. The stormtroopers say they weren't notified of any work order and demand to see some identification. Kaz arrives and pretends that Neeku is one his subordinates. He claims that they have to update the DX-93 sonic cable and shows off his new hammer to the stormtroopers, who decide things are not suspicious and move on.

Kaz informs Neeku that Commander Pyre is aboard the Titan and that they need to get out before he recognizes them. Kaz asks CB-23 about progress in finding the trans-binary deflector. The droid informs them that it is in the hyperdrive chamber but Neeku explains that they can't remove the deflector while it is still online. He proposes going to the engine room to manually shut it down. Kaz tells CB to stay at the port and ensure they have access to the engine room controls. Once they are done, he tells the droid to meet them down in the engineering deck.

Kaz and Neeku sneak into the engineering control room, taking care to avoid the notice of the First Order fleet engineers. After pressing buttons, they sneak into the engineering deck. Kaz tells CB-23 that they have made it into the engineering deck safely.

Into engineering[]

Meanwhile, Tam and Jace pass two stormtroopers while pushing a hoversled containing several boxes, who are chatting about a malfunctioning turbolift. One of them proposes calling the strange technician and his Nikto colleague down in engineering. Realizing that Neeku is around, Tam claims that she forgot something in the supply depot and that she will meet him back in the hangar. Jace grumbles that he will have to do the work himself.

Going deeper into the engineering deck, Kaz and Neeku dodge stormtroopers. Meanwhile, Jace encounters a disguised CB-23 and follows the droid in his hoversled. Two service droids exit the hyperdrive chamber just as CB-23 links up with Kaz and Neeku. The three enter the chamber but are being watched by Jace.

Entering the hyperdrive chamber, Neeku thinks that the trans-binary deflector is on here. There is a blue energy beam in the centre of an octagonal chamber. Neeku explains that all Kaz has to do is to remove the deflector while he reroutes power from the terminal. He warns Kaz not to do it before he has finished rerouting the power due to the risk of death.

Kaz sends CB-23 to prepare the shuttle. As CB-23 rolls out of the hyperdrive chamber, Jace is watching and wonders what is going on. While CB-23 is traveling through the corridors, he is noticed by Tam. Neeku gets to work rerouting power from the terminal. Kaz is about to remove the deflector when they are stopped by Jace.

Settling old scores[]

Kaz tries to muffle his voice but Jace sees through his bluff. Rucklin contacts security with his comlink. Kaz protests and tries to reason with Jace, telling him that the Colossus is old and that it needs a new trans-binary deflector or the ship and everyone in it will fry from cosmic radiation. Rucklin is unmoved and says that this is what he gets from choosing the wrong side. He tells Kaz that he should have been smart like him and Tam and left them a long time ago.

Rucklin tells the security services via comlink that he has apprehended two Resistance agents in engineering. A male voice tells Rucklin to lock down the area and that troopers will be here to apprehend the agents. Jace seals the hyperdrive chamber. Meanwhile, Commander Pyre tells the other First Order officers that Security Operations is hunting down Resistance cells planet by planet. General Hux vows to snuff out the Resistance like the vermin he thinks they are one by one until they are wiped out but the conference is interrupted by a security alarm.

Kaz says they have to get out of here with the trans-binary deflector. He struggles to remove the deflector until Neeku points out that he is doing it completely wrong and presses a button that unlocks the deflector. Kaz gently removes it and Neeku slides it into his pack. The two find themselves trapped behind the blast doors with Neeku remarking that it will take him a long time to unlock the security code.

Tam's contribution[]

Meanwhile, several stormtroopers converge on Tam. Their commanding officer informs her that Resistance agents impersonating personnel and tell her to be on the look out for any suspicious activity. She checks the security cameras and finds Kaz and Neeku struggling against the locked blast door. Learning about the nature of their mission and their plight, she remotely unlocks the blast doors, allowing them to escape.

When stormtroopers arrive, Tam claims that she tried to stop them and that they went in the opposite direction. The stormtroopers run to apprehend the fugitives. Kaz and Neeku reach a dead end and turn a corner only to run into two stormtroopers. The two pretend to reach for their identification but Kaz takes the opportunity to grab a blaster and stun them.

Meanwhile, Commander Pyre learns that they have a Code Three in engineering. An enraged General Hux questions Pyre's ability to keep the station secure. Kaz tells CB-23 to unlock the blast door in Sector 1305. In the hangar, the astromech droid rushes from the shuttle to a port. Just then, Kaz and Neeku are cornered by Commander Pyre and General Hux. Pyre recognizes Kaz and tells Hux he's a Resistance spy after the General asks who he is. Fortunately for Kaz and Neeku, CB-23 is able to unlock the blast door and they retreat into a chamber. CB manages to close the door in time.

The hangar skirmish and escape[]

Kaz and Neeku head back to the main hangar. General Hux demands that Pyre unlock the door. They reach the hangar and hide behind several crates. Neeku convinces Kaz to get CB-23 to ferry them over in a crane to get pass the troopers. They climb on top of Crane G27 and Kaz gets CB-23 to activate the crane. He asks CB to carry them to the transport.

CB-23 gets to work and gets the crane to carry the crate carrying Kaz and Neeku. However, CB-23 is ambushed by two First BB astromech droids, one of whom electrocutes him. The crane jerks and Neeku loses his balance. Kaz holds him up. The stormtroopers spot them and open fire at the spinning crane, which comes to a halt and topples repulsorlift speeder.

Kaz shoots at a fleet engineer manning a nearby crane, causing the two cranes to collide. One of the crates crashes into several grey boxes. Kaz tells Neeku to head back to the shuttle. Kaz and Neeku run on top of the boxes before coming to a halt. CB-23 fights off the two BB droids and joins his comrades. The three flee aboard their shuttle with Commander Pyre and General Hux in hot pursuit. Dodging blaster fire, they escape aboard the shuttle and leave the hangar. Commander Pyre dispatches three TIE fighters after them.

Meanwhile, Jace tells Tam that he caught Neeku and Kaz spying for the Resistance aboard the Titan. Tam is surprised. A smug Jace tells her to get used to calling him Commander, referring to her as 533. He thinks he will be getting a promotion. Tam watches the TIEs chasing Kaz and Neeku's shuttle and remarks that his promotion is gone with the Resistance agents' escape.

Continuing the hunt[]

General Hux berates Commander Pyre for letting Resistance agents in their midst. Pyre claims it was of no consequence and that the Resistance only stole a useless component which meant the Colossus must be getting desperate. Hux disagrees and says that desperation can be a dangerous thing. He orders Pyre to find the Colossus and destroy it.

After Hux has left, Pyre tells the General he will and contacts Agent Tierny via holoprojector to inform her that their friend Kaz was on the Titan, acquired a binary deflector, and escaped capture. When Tierny asks if DT-533 contacted the spy, Pyre says that she was supposedly with DT-798, who turned them in. She says that if they play it right, Miss Ryvora will help them to destroy the Colossus. While flying home, Rucklin asks Tam if she is glad that she joined the First Order because the Colossus is getting desperate. Tam mouths yes in agreement while hiding her true feelings and sympathies.


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Notes and references[]

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