"Well, you were just a baby, so you couldn't come, but father brought me here to see the statue of Tarre Vizsla, the ancient Mandalorian ruler."
―Sabine Wren, to Tristan Wren[src]

A statue of Tarre Vizsla was erected on the planet Mandalore,[1] the Outer Rim homeworld of the Mandalorian people,[2] where it was located in the desert region of the planet, not far from a main road. Built in honor of Tarre Vizsla,[1] the first Mandalorian ever inducted into the Jedi Order and a respected[3] former leader of Mandalore, the large statue depicted Vizsla cloaked and armored, holding the black-bladed Darksaber he'd possessed in life.[1]

The young Mandalorian woman Sabine Wren accompanied her father, Alrich, to see the statue when she was a child, an outing which she remembered fondly for years after.[1] By the time of the civil war between Clan Wren and the Imperial-backed Clan Saxon,[4] the Galactic Empire had constructed a militarized outpost on the statue, defacing it. During a covert mission on Mandalore, Sabine and her brother Tristan Wren discovered and destroyed the outpost, restoring the statue to its original appearance.[1]

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The statue of Tarre Vizsla was first introduced to Star Wars canon in the Forces of Destiny animated series, debuting in the eleventh episode of the second season, entitled "Art History."[1]


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