Stealing the Shuttle is a scenario for the Star Wars Miniatures game, written by Eric Cagle in 2004. It depicts a Rebel commando unit's efforts to capture the shuttle Tydirium, and ties into Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance.

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In the height of the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance has discovered that the Empire has built a new Death Star. Knowing they have to destroy it, their generals gathered to make a plan. Reports showed that a direct assault would be untenable, but they came up with the only option-a covert mission to infiltrate and destroy the shield protecting the superweapon. Their next problem was to figure out how to deliver the commando team. Crix Madine proposed a plan to raid an unguarded space station using a skilled pilot to deliver commandos to steal the shuttle and clearance codes.

Once at the target, the team encountered a large number of TIE Fighters, but the commando team was able to slip in and locate a suitable shuttle, the Tydirium. The team, along with pilots, ran through the station to capture the shuttle while evading capture by the Empire.

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