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"Stellar Web? Nonsense. That's an Imperial craft."
Warlord Zsinj, underestimating the guile of his enemies, both Imperial and New Republic.[src]

The Stellar Web was an Imperial Immobilizer 418 cruiser commanded by Captain Barr Moutil.

The ship was assigned to Imperial Admiral Rogriss as part of his fleet to destroy Warlord Zsinj's Executor-class Star Dreadnought, Iron Fist.

After contacting General Han Solo, his New Republic counterpart, in 7.5 ABY, Rogriss offered his enemies Stellar Web in return for a signed Garik Loran film and an opportunity to destroy Zsinj, despite the consequences for both military leaders if their collaboration were discovered. They decided the cruiser would be isolated from New Republic forces and protected by two of Solo's own Star Destroyers, Crynyd and Skyhook, to avoid suspicions from the Stellar Web's crew.

Under the personal command of Rogriss, Stellar Web succeeded in trapping Iron Fist in its interdiction field at Vahaba, but following an attempted suicide attack by a Zsinj Victory-class Star Destroyer, Serpent's Smile, the Interdictor was forced to break off. This allowed Iron Fist enough time to break free of the field and escape into hyperspace.

Following the Star Dreadnought's escape, Stellar Web departed. Solo wished Rogriss "good luck, with the warlord at least."



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