"Captain Glidrick, you wanted to see me?"
―Celia Durasha[src]

Stenn Glidrick was a male Human who commanded the Kuari Princess in 0 BBY.


"Lieutenant Durasha, sit down! Your father sent word through me, because he knew what your reaction would be. It's about your brother —"
"He's been killed. I'm sorry."
"Captain, I have three brothers. Which one —"
"It's Raine. Your father said there are more details on this holo that accompanied the message I received. Take all the time you need, Celia. I'm truly sorry."
―Stenn Glidrick and Celia Durasha[src]

Stenn Glidrick was a Human[2] male who served in the Imperial Navy as a pilot. After leaving the service, he became the commanding officer of Galaxy Tours luxury liner Kuari Princess.[3] In 0 BBY, Captain Glidrick had to deliver the news to his navigator, Lieutenant Celia Durasha, that her brother, Raine, had been killed in battle with Alliance to Restore the Republic forces on Ralltiir.[2]

Glidrick was in command of the Kuari Princess during the voyage in which the vessel was hijacked by the Riders of the Maelstrom.[3] He was killed in the assault.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Stenn Glidrick was middle-aged, with brown hair which was graying. He wore the Kuari Princess uniform, which was a white tunic and blue trousers with a gold stripe down either leg. Glidrick wore medals on his tunic, a reminder of his service within the Imperial Navy.[2]



Notes and referencesEdit

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