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"The scum of the galaxy pass through Stenness on their way to the Rim."

The Stenness Node, also spelled Stennes Node and otherwise known as the Stenness systems, was a group of mining systems in the Inner Rim, possibly in the Airon sector. There were 25 humanoid species native to the Stenness Node, collectively called "Nessies". The space station known as The Rig was located in an asteroid field in this region.

The Hutt crime lord Bogga was a major power in the Stenness Node in the years before the Great Sith War, often dwelling in the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal when not holding court in his headquarters on the moon of Vo Dasha. For a hefty fee, the Hutt's enslaved henchmen and modified Core Galaxy Systems Dreadnaught Enforcer One would protect the Nessies and their mining operations from raids by pirates such as Finhead Stonebone and his motley crew of cut-throats.

Behind the scenes[]

The Tales of the Jedi Companion claimed that the Onderon system was in the Stenness Node, however, in the actual comic appearances of the planet, it is stated to be on "the other side of the galaxy" from the Node. This error is repeated in the Star Wars Gamer 1 article The University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Marvel Series.

HoloNet News Vol. 531 46 indicates that Merson is near or in the Stenness Node, but is not clear which.



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