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Luke Skywalker receives a stim-shot.

"Ha! Stimulants make a warrior out of even the weakest humans."
Canderous Ordo[src]

A stimulant, also referred to as a stim or stim drug,[1] was a chemical mixture targeted towards the adrenal system, in the form of a one-time use shot, that was injected into the bloodstream in order to provide a boost to the physical capabilities of the user. This enhancement was most commonly used by individuals that were preparing for or already in the midst of a battle. The Mandalorian Canderous Ordo was adept at preparing stims, which he freely offered to both Revan[2] and the Jedi Exile[3] during his travels with them.

The effect was described as "like ten hours of good, deep sleep, and four square meals" until they wore off. [4] Stim drugs could be found in medkits.[1]

Saol-sar sold stimulants in the Senate Commercial District on Courscant during the Cold War,[5] as did Valorn Skez aboard Carrick Station.[6]



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