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A stingbeam was a compact, easily concealed energy pistol favored by individuals who needed to be discreetly armed, or for individuals who disdained the use of larger weapons.

A typical stingbeam was approximately the size of a Human hand. Unlike a conventional blaster pistol, it did not have a muzzle orifice; the end of its barrel was an antenna-like stub. A stingbeam was a powerful weapon, extremely lethal at close quarters, but it had a very short effective range. Most were capable of only a very limited number of shots (typically five) before recharging; when not at point-blank range, these shots acted as stun blasts, unless the wielder chose to use all the charges for one extra-strong blast.[1] The stingbeam made a piercing, whistling noise when fired,[2] and each shot left the weapon hot to the touch.[3]

Lando Calrissian armed himself with a five-shot stingbeam during his time in the Centrality. He rarely carried larger or more powerful weapons, noting that he "preferred to rely on his brains for the heavy firepower," although he sometimes carried more than one.[2]



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