"The Mantis works wonders. I mean, it's a great ship, excellent pilot, but it is not built for close support."
―Greez Dritus[src]

The Stinger Mantis, commonly known as the Mantis, was an S-161 "Stinger" XL luxury yacht piloted by Greez Dritus. Dritus transported the former Jedi Cere Junda and Cal Kestis on the vessel.


The ship had three separate sections of its outside exterior. The front and back were segmented by a rotating section that housed the main outrigger engine and large vertical fin. Inside, there were six separate parts of the interior. These were the cockpit, holotable room, galley, common area, main corridor, and engine room. While lightly armed, there were two laser cannons above the main cockpit.[2]

Mantis bridge

Cal, Cere, Greez, and BD-1 on the bridge of the Mantis

Starting at the cockpit, the floor was partly built with glass, and along with raised cockpit seats, created a large area of view for the pilot. Two seats acted as the pilot and co-pilot with a third seat to the right that acted as the comm station.[2]

Behind the cockpit was a holotable room. The table positioned in the center featured a circular seating arrangement surrounding it. Behind this were the two boarding ramps found on either side of the ship, depending on its orientation upon landing.[2]

Further back, located in the common area, was a large seating area. Surrounding the seating arrangements were various decorative terrariums. Beside this was a set of stairs that led to a raised galley. Situated in the galley was a table aside various shelves of food storage, along another large terrarium. Through the opening in the back was the main corridor with three separate doors, that all led to the other various rooms inside the ship.[2]

Mantis galley

The galley aboard the Mantis

Beyond this corridor was the engine room. It featured two levels that were connected by a ladder found in the left side. The upper level contained railing, diagnostic controls, and a workbench, as well as the quarters in which Cal Kestis slept. The hyperdrive was located behind the workbench. Accessed via the ladder, the lower level contained two escape pods and a darkly lit corridor.[2]

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