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"So where to now?"
―Cal Kestis[src]

The Stinger Mantis crew, also abbreviated as the Mantis crew, operated aboard the Stinger Mantis during the reign of the Galactic Empire. The crew was initially formed by the former Jedi Cere Junda, who wished to restore the Jedi Order some time after Order 66. Junda hired the pilot Greez Dritus to transport her on her quest in his starship.[1]

When Junda learned that the Imperial Inquisitorius was headed to Bracca, she and Dritus visited the planet and rescued the former Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis, who joined the crew to assist with Junda's quest. On Bogano, Kestis was joined by the droid BD-1, who had been left on the planet by Junda's former Master, Eno Cordova, to help guide future Jedi into finding a holocron that listed Force-sensitive children in the galaxy.[1]

During a mission undertaken to Dathomir by Kestis, the Nightsister Merrin also joined the crew after helping Kestis defeat Taron Malicos, a Jedi Master who had fallen to the dark side. The crew was ultimately successful in retrieving Cordova's holocron, but Kestis chose to destroy it to keep the children listed on it safe from the Empire.[1]

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At some point during the crew's travels, Kestis rescued a stray bogling while on Bogano. The bogling stowed away aboard the Stinger Mantis, becoming an inconvenience for Dritus, who was unaware of their stowaway's true nature.[1]



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