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Stintarils were a species of rapacious rodents that were native to the moon Yavin 4, and dwelt in the mid-to-upper levels of the jungle canopy.

A stintaril.

The Stintarils had sharp teeth that could easily puncture and hold on to prey, and a knobby hairless tail that was used for balance. These rodents attacked in swarms, being known for their great speed. Their prey mainly consisted of woolamanders and whisper birds. The species was nomadic and, as such, were constantly on the move; even their young, born in litters of four or five, were born in transit.

The metabolism of the stintaril was extremely high, and they had to eat often or risk starving to death within a few hours. Hungry stintarils were known to turn on their own kind as a last resort, cannibalizing the weaker among them in order to survive.

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