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An E-11 blaster rifle schematic showing a retractable stock in the folded position and then in the extended position

A stock was a part of a pistol or rifle. Some stocks were retractable, which allowed the user to change the shape of a pistol-like weapon to a rifle-like weapon and vice-versa. When the stock was folded, it reduced the length and shape of the weapon, allowing the user to treat it as a one-handed pistol. When the stock was extended, the user could treat the weapon more like a rifle, which allowed the wielder to fire at a greater range. However, the extended stock required that the weapon be used with two hands to be used properly. Some blaster carbines, such as the E5 carbine used by B1 battle droids, had a retractable stock.[1] The most common weapon used by the stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire was a blaster rifle that had a collapsible stock which allowed for three different firing positions.[2]

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