Stoer Kilos was a Force-sensitive living on the moon Rori during the Galactic Civil War. Roughly half a day before the Battle of Restuss started, he went out into the field to meditate and returned to find the city of Restuss in ruins, in the middle of the battle. Upon entering the city, he was met with a patrol of Stormtroopers who stopped him from going any further. Although he questioned them about his friends in the city, he was told simply that all civilians had been evacuated to the local space station and that he was to leave. It was at this moment that the Stormtroopers were attacked by an unseen foe and Kilos, not wanting to spend any time in an Imperial prison cell, decided to leave their visual range.

He circled around the ruined city, searching for any possible points of entry and using skills he had learned long ago to sneak while doing so. Unfortunately, however, he did not manage to find one as the city was too well guarded and he didn't want to risk confrontation. He soon came to a new encampment which he could immediately tell was not Imperial and, upon entering, noticed two men in Old Republic uniforms standing guard under a Rebel banner.

Kilos introduced himself to the two, offering his help and once more questioning about his friends. They informed him that, unless he was good with a blaster, he was of no use to them; it was at this point that Kilos revealed his lightsaber. The guards gladly accepted his help and pointed him towards the command building in the center of the camp.

He immediately went into the building and was met with holos of the ruined city with many blinking purple and red dots on them. He was soon beckoned over to a display by one of the other Rebels who had been expecting him. It was only then that he found out that he need not worry about his friends as the Imperials had managed to evacuate all civilians from the city before the large explosion. The Rebel went on to explain the battle plans to Kilos, informing him that they needed to get information on the prototype which had started the entire battle; the Star Core. It was quickly explained to Kilos that the Star Core was a new form of power supply powerful enough to power an entire planet or worse, a new Death Star.

Although Kilos didn't think there would be much left of it after the large explosion, he was told that if he wanted to help then he couldd speak to Captain Voldez who would give him an assignment.

Behind the scenesEdit

The biography of Stoer Kilos is outlined in a Star Wars Galaxies article titled Restuss In Ruins.


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