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Morag gazes into her stone mirror.

The stone mirror was a Force-imbued object used by the Tulgah witch Morag on the Forest Moon of Endor. One of the devices that resided in Morag's lair on Mount Thunderstone, the Tulgah witch used the mirror to witness events that were happening outside of her fortress. At one point, Morag used the mirror to witness her enemy, the Ewok Shaman Logray bathing in a pool away from Bright Tree Village. Logray was also without his staff, and Morag saw through the mirror that the Ewok had put his guard down. She then used her powers to freeze the pool, trapping Logray. With her enemy incapacitated, Morag was then able to capture Bright Tree Village with her beast. The stone mirror was likely destroyed along with the rest of Morag's possessions, in her final showdown with Logray, when she reactivated the volcano in Mount Thunderstone filling her lair with lava.


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