Stordan Tonc, nicknamed "Stordie,"[3] was a human male soldier that served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic as a corporal during the Galactic Civil War. He joined the rebels after an uprising on Qemia 7.[4] During the war's first battle, the Battle of Scarif, Tonc became a member of Rogue One. Tonc stayed with the shuttle along with several Pathfinders and the defected Imperial cargo pilot Bodhi Rook. When the Imperials finally arrived to the same pad as the shuttle, Tonc and his men filed out and defended the vessel. When Bodhi tried to connect the shuttle to the communications tower Tonc tried to cover him, but was shot down. Although he was killed, his sacrifice was not in vain as Bodhi was successfully able to contact the Profundity and told them to take down the Shield Gate. Bodhi was killed shorty after by a grenade thrown by a Shoretrooper.[1]

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Stordan Tonc was portrayed by Jordan Stephens in the 2016 Star Wars Anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[1]

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