Storinal was an Outer Rim world. The Imperial Remnant defeated the New Republic at the Battle of Storinal. The planet was artistically landscaped with lush green countryside, rivers, hills, tropical flower gardens, beaches and seas, and graceful cities. Because of its inherent beauty, the planet's chief economic resource was tourism. The planet was the homeworld of Storini glass prowlers. Ithorian starfruit was grown on the planet.

The Scohar Xenohealth Institute was located there. It carried an assortment of diseases for the purpose of manufacturing a cure. During Wraith Squadron's mission to the planet, two vials of Bunkurd Sewer Disorder were stolen by Ton Phanan, Kell Tainer, and Tyria Sarkin Tainer in order to infect the Hawkbat's crew.

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