The Storm was a modified Hapan Miy'til starfighter used by Prince Isolder.


Isolder personally designed the Storm using the hull of a standard Miy'til fighter. More than 500,000 credits worth of refinements turned Storm into a powerful starfighter.

The ship was just over seven meters long, smaller even than the New Republic's RZ-1 A-wing interceptor. This required Hapan engineers to miniaturize many components to make them fit inside the small ship. Isolder commonly flew with a prototype R2-Series5 astromech droid, a gift from Princess Leia Organa during the first negotiations between the New Republic and the Hapes Consortium.

The Storm was equipped with three Taibolt 12 anticoncussion-field generators for defense, and was armed with a cluster of triple-linked laser cannons and a miniconcussion-missile launcher with 10 custom-built missiles. Each wing sported an ion cannon, complemented by twin thermal-detonator bombing tubes with a total of 16 thermal detonators.

Miytil schem

Storm schematics.

Directly in front of the transparisteel canopy was a communication and sensor jammer very similar to that of the A-wing. This device allowed Isolder to block target locks and communications from enemy fighters. Storm's concussion missile system was equipped with a sophisticated targeting system that allowed them to overcome jamming.

The starfighter's four Incom 6X4 fusial thrust engines were modified with Tykannin Class-4 power converters. Each one had an oversized Cygnus turbo generator for short bursts that propelled the ship to speeds one-third faster than that of the A-wing.


The Storm became a common sight in battles in the Hapes Cluster, since it was usual for Isolder to personally lead his fighters into battle. During a rescue attempt involving Princess Leia Organa, the ship crash-landed on Dathomir. The Storm was recovered and rebuilt after the battle.



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