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The Storm IV Twin-Pod cloud car was a model of cloud car manufactured by Bespin Motors, and used by the Bespin Wing Guard to patrol the skies surrounding the Cloud City colony and resort on Bespin.


Cloud cars could be modified for use in multiple environments.

The Storm IV Twin-Pod was an atmospheric repulsorcraft manufactured by Bespin Motors and designed for patrol and policing purposes.[1] A model of cloud car, the Storm IV consisted of twin "pods" connected by a repulsorlift engine,[4] and was powered by an ion engine.[1] The vehicle's pilot controlled the craft from the port-side pod, while the gunner housed within the starboard pod sat at the controls of a pair[1] of light[4] blaster cannons.[1]


"Permission granted to land on Platform 327."
―Cloud car pilot, to Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon[5]

Storm IV Twin-Pods were utilized to keep the peace in the skies of Cloud City, and became a familiar sight as they patrolled and policed the airspace around the planet Bespin. Recognized by their distinctive bright orange[1] or brick-colored hulls, these cloud cars were deployed to intercept starships bound for the floating city. The vessel's pilot and gunner worked in tandem to question approaching captains, and to take defensive measures if necessary.[4] When the Millennium Falcon arrived seeking refuge in the city following the Battle of Hoth, the Corellian freighter was met by two patrolling cloud cars; one of which fired warning shots at the craft before its captain, Han Solo, was given landing clearance from his old friend, Lando Calrissian.[5][1] The cloud cars escorted the Falcon along the approach route to Cloud City,[6] and allowed the vessel to land at Platform 327.[5]


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