Storm Rider was the name of a walker manufactured by the Galactic Republic. During the war against Zakuul, many of the Republic personnel joined the Eternal Alliance in the fight against the Eternal Empire of Zakuul, bringing their own ships and vehicles. Storm Rider was among such vehicles and was brought by Mandalorians led by Torian Cadera along during the Invasion of Voss. Storm Rider was first deployed when the troops touched down in Voss-Ka and was later used by the Alliance Commander and Theron Shan to traverse the Old Paths leading the Shrine of Healing, destroying an Eternal Empire Walker named Talon of Izax at the entrance to the Shrine.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Storm Rider appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne during "Chapter I: Wrath and Ruin".


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