The storm beast was a massive Semi-Humanoid species twisted by the energy of the dark side of the Force, that lived on the world of Malachor V. It had several abilities, including being able to emit a wave of destructive sonic energy and enhanced strength.


Storm Beast 4b

Storm Beast

In the wake of the Jedi Civil War, storm beasts were the only visible beings that lived on the surface of Malachor V, aside from the inhabitants of the Trayus Academy.

Originally, they were natural creatures at the top of the food chain, until the Trayus Academy was constructed. The Sith used the dark side to turn the creatures into menacing beasts, who continued to be immersed in it well after the Sith left the planet. Following the second activation of the Mass Shadow Generator, which devastated the planet even further than it already was, many storm beasts died, although some lived on, able to sustainably live in what remained of Malachor's atmosphere.[2].



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