A Stormdriver was a type of capital ship used during the Republic Dark Age by the Hutt crime lord Zodoh.


Stormdrivers were equipped with several weaponized vaporators capable of generating downpours by squeezing moisture from the atmosphere. They were also equipped with defensive systems for countering starfighter attacks.


During the Battle of Capital Cay in 1032 BBY, one Stormdriver was used to wreak havoc on Daiman's defense forces by creating atmospheric storms and floods which swept them into the sea. However, this vessel was destroyed by starfighters from Grace Command's Devil Squadron, an Alderaanian-based mercy organization affiliated with the Galactic Republic. Despite this, Zodoh gained enough data on Aquilaris' atmospheric systems to launch the next phase of the Aquilaris campaign. This involved using a fleet of Stormdrivers to vaporize all mositure from Aquilaris' atmosphere and then create atmospheric storms which would flood the entire planet. Zodoh intended to use this new superweapon to browbeat his Sith competitors, particularly Sith Lord Daiman, into submission.

During the Great Aquilaris Deluge, the Stormdrivers flooded much of Aquilaris' surface but their operations were interrupted by a series of explosions which disrupted the data processing center on Voracious, Zodoh's flagship. Despite this, Zodoh regarded his operation on Aquilaris as a success and deployed his fleet of Stormdrivers on Darkknell, the capital of Daiman's realm. Again, the Stormdrivers wrecked havoc on Darkknell but their operations were again disrupted by the destruction of the Voracious by two of Zodoh's opponents: Jedi Knight Kerra Holt and Grace Command captain Jenn Devaad. Following the Battle of Darkknell, the Stormdrivers presumably retreated or were captured by Daiman's defense force. A modified Stormdriver's vaporator was later used by Daiman to execute Zodoh, who wanted to mend the humiliation of temporarily being rendered impotent.



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