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A Stormtrooper Grenadier

Stormtrooper Grenadiers were elite stormtroopers specialized in the use of grenades.[1]


As their name suggests, Stormtrooper Grenadiers received special training in the use of grenades. Their main weapon was the SE-14 blaster pistol, but they also used thermal detonators to kill multiple enemies and destroy vehicles.[1]

The Stormtrooper Grenadiers' armor was basic stormtrooper armor, albeit slightly stronger and more durable. They also carried a backpack that contained ammunition, as well as bacta products.[1] However, some instead wore similar armor to that of cold assault stormtroopers, Vader's Special Force Troopers, and to a certain extent Darth Vader's Security Force; they were armed with plasma grenades and used large alloy shields for protection. These grenadier troopers were deployed during the Battle of Hoth, and later accompanied Darth Vader to Bespin's Cloud City during his attempt to capture Luke Skywalker.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Stormtrooper Grenadier first appeared in Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and was mentioned as "grenadier troopers" in the strategy guide Super Empire Strikes Back Official Game Secrets.[3] However, they were later identified in the video game Star Wars Galaxies.



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