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"Watch out for that sniper!"
―Del Meeko[2]

Stormtrooper snipers, also known as sniper troops, were specialized stormtroopers equipped with sniper rifles. Some of the troopers were specialists pulled from the ranks of scout troopers and known as Imperial sharpshooters.[4]


Imperial snipers[]

Stormtrooper sniper

A stormtrooper sniper

During the Galactic Empire's early days, stormtrooper snipers were made up of clone sharpshooters until clone troopers[5] were eventually phased out in favor of regular human recruits.[6] The Empire also had a shoretrooper variant of stormtrooper snipers.[2]

If a mission demanded as such, a regular stormtrooper could also be assigned sniping duty.[7] In 5 ABY,[8] stormtrooper snipers were present on Chinook Station during Rebels Iden Versio's and Del Meeko's mission to capture Inferno Squad Commander Gideon Hask, where several of them were killed during the skirmish, and on Jakku during the Battle of Jakku, where many of them were killed as well.[2]

First Order-Resistance War[]

The First Order, the successor to the Galactic Empire, had their own version of stormtrooper snipers within the ranks of their military.[2]


Stormtrooper snipers wore typical Stormtrooper armor but with a blue pauldron over their shoulder and a visor attached to their helmet. They also had a black bandolier strapped across their chest plate.[3] Another variant of sharpshooters were trained in using the E-11s sniper rifle and wore scout trooper armor in gray,[4] though some variants wore normal scout trooper armor and primarily used the DLT-19x targeting blaster, however. These variants were also able to wield IQA-11 Blaster Rifles, A280 blaster rifles, NT-242s, and Cycler rifles.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Stormtrooper snipers appear as their scout trooper variants in Star Wars Battlefront II's campaign. They also make up the Imperial specialist class in the game's multiplayer.[2]


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