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"There's nothing like this on Endor."
―Teebo on discovering the crashed "comet".[src]

The Stranger's starship was the spacecraft of the Stranger, a Wizard of the Night Spirit. It was a very fast ship and was able to speed through a rift in space opened by the alignment of two moons of Endor. The ship didn't seem to have any landing mechanism and showed no sign of any landing struts. The way the craft landed was through a form of controlled crash landing, hitting the ground and sliding to a stop. It was also a very small ship, having room for the pilot and not much else. The way the ship closed is unclear, as the Stranger had to break out of the craft like an egg, and it's unclear if it was designed to be utilized for more than one use. The craft also apparently contained a self-destruct mechanism, as the craft spun and disintegrated in a cloud of smoke following the Stranger's landing on the forest moon of Endor.



The Ewok children come upon the Stranger's ship.

Sometime before the Battle of Endor, the Stranger's ship was used to leave the otherworld and land on Endor. The Stranger then left the ship and made his way to the Dulok swamps, but not before witnessing the Ewoks, Wicket Wystri Warrick and Teebo coming across the ship. Wicket and Teebo with help from Latara and Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka tried to carry the ship back to Bright Tree Village. Wicket even took a piece of the ship and attached it to his belt of honor as proof of his quest towards becoming a full-fledged Ewok warrior. As the Ewoks slowly carried the ship, a heavy wind picked up, causing the Ewoks to put down the ship for fear of dropping it. As soon as the heavy wind had passed by, the Ewoks went back to the ship only to witness the ship glowing a bright purple.


The Stranger's ship initiates its self destruct.

As the Ewoks watched, the ship began to spin in a circle. The speed of the spin increased until the ship was all but a blur, and the Ewoks stepped back. The ship then disintegrated in a cloud of smoke, leaving no proof of its existence except for the "trophy" on Wicket's belt. It seemed that the Ewok children were extremely lucky that the wind storm came along when it did, as if they had not put the ship down, the ship would have self-destructed while they were carrying it.


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