Strater was a male human mercenary who worked for Gannis Ducain. He was bald, but had a tattoo of a Twi'lek on his forehead. Strater and his two partners went to the bar Serendipity to find the Millennium Falcon, owned by the notorious Han Solo. The three argued about what was the most important part to a ship, its speed or its maneuvering. An old man came and told them that the most important thing for a ship is a good pilot, before telling them a true story about the Millennium Falcon.[1]

After the old man finished his story, they realized he was actually Han Solo, so they wanted to catch him and bring back the ship to Ducain. However, they forgot about Solo's Wookiee partner Chewbacca as well as the owner of the bar, Delia Leighton, and were ultimately defeated by the three.[1]

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