"If you teach me how to use this…sense I have—can you also teach me how to switch it off? I want to learn how not to feel the people around me, not to be bombarded by their moods and prying thoughts and sour ideas. I'm tired of having only rawwks for company. I'd very much like to be part of the human race again."
"That much I can show you."
―Streen and Luke Skywalker[src]

Streen was an elderly Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order. Originally a tibanna gas prospector from the planet Bespin, Streen had a powerful untrained Force empathy that caused him to be constantly affected by the thoughts and feelings of those around him. As a result, he sought out solace away from sentients, working his own private mining operation from the abandoned city of Tibannopolis. In 11 ABY, he was discovered by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, who had followed clues of a Force-sensitive gas prospector. He offered to help Streen control his abilities and allow him to be a functioning member of society again. Streen agreed, following Skywalker to the newly established Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4. During his training, Streen came into contact with the long dead spirit of the Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun, who seduced several of Skywalker's students, including Streen to do his bidding. However, Streen was able to overcome the Sith Lord's influence and worked with his fellow students to destroy Kun's spirit.

Streen was eventually promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight and helped to defend the Jedi Academy from attacks by the Galactic Empire. As a Jedi Knight, Streen was involved in the mission to Corbos to defeat a Leviathan that had devastated a city on the planet. By 16 ABY, Streen was a Jedi Master, and during the Black Fleet Crisis, Streen was appointed as the temporary head of the Jedi Academy when Master Skywalker took a leave of absence. By the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Streen was still serving the Jedi Order on Yavin 4 as a teacher, however he became more involved in the war following the capture of Yavin 4 by the Yuuzhan Vong invaders. He fought in the final engagement of the war, which saw the Jedi victorious over the invaders. In the aftermath of the war, Streen accompanied Kirana Ti and Damaya to the planet Dathomir to establish a Praxeum and was later in attendance at the Funeral of Mara Jade Skywalker.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Life on Bespin[edit | edit source]

"Streen is a cloud prospector. At certain times some storm or a deep atmospheric upheaval will make a cloud of volatiles belch up, waiting to be siphoned off. Streen goes out on the winds with his tanks, looking for the treasure. Bespin has computerized satellites to detect these outbursts and to dispatch company men—but Streen always gets there first. He somehow knows an upheaval is going to happen before it does. He is there waiting with his empty tanks to siphon off whatever comes bubbling up and sell it back to the independent refineries."
―Luke Skywalker[src]

A Human male from Bespin, Streen was a tibanna gas prospector, using his Force talents to detect eruptions of tibanna gas. Due to his untrained Force-sensitivity, Streen was able to sense when a cloud rich in gasses was about to erupt, allowing it to be siphoned. Although the main Bespin mining operations used computerized satellites to detect these clouds, Streen was still able to get there ahead of his competitors, using a makeshift floating platform to siphon the gas. Due to his uncontrolled Force-sensitivity, his mind was constantly bombarded with the thoughts and feelings of other sentients. When the Galactic Empire took over control of Bespin, the panic and fear of the residents gave Streen increased feelings of discomfort. This led him to seek a life of isolation in the abandoned floating city of Tibannopolis, where he found companions in the rawwks, airborne creatures native to the planet.[2] Streen knew about his Force-sensitivity, and on one occasion, he forced the smartest of his rawwks to do a dance for him. The experience disturbed Streen, and he stopped trying to manipulate the rawwks after his one time experiment.[7]

Records of Streen's exploits eventually reached the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker who was planning to reestablish the Jedi Order. Realizing that Streen's precognitive abilities indicated that he had a measure of Force-sensitivity, Skywalker arrived on Bespin in 11 ABY at the city of Tibannopolis to give Streen his proposal. At this point, Streen was already advanced in years with graying hair. During their meeting, Skywalker was accompanied by Gantoris, another Force-sensitive who had agreed to train as a Jedi. Skywalker confirmed Streen's affinity for the Force by reaching into the older man's mind, receiving a Force-sensitive response to his probing. Although Gantoris and Skywalker requested for Streen to come with them, Streen was reluctant. To convince Streen of the powers that he could learn under him, Skywalker demonstrated the use of the Force by manipulating the rawwks, and teaching Gantoris to do the same. Convinced by the display, Streen agreed to come with them, attracted by Luke's promise to teach him mental discipline so that he could tolerate the company of other sentient beings. As they prepared to leave Bespin, Streen released his floating platform into the winds, declaring that he would not be returning.[2]

Since Skywalker had not yet set up a place for training, the group made their way to Imperial City on Coruscant. While there, Streen was affected by the wealth of sentient minds on the galactic capital. To get away from their thoughts, he requested a solitary place to stay, and Skywalker gave him a room at the top of an abandoned skyscraper to simulate his living arrangements on Bespin. Due to the great number of people on Coruscant and Streen's inability to block out their thoughts, Skywalker knew that he could not establish his Jedi Praxeum on the world, and they began searching for a more suitable planet. When Skywalker was called away to tend to a matter on Kessel, his sister, Minister of State Leia Organa Solo watched over Streen and Gantoris. During this time, Streen became acquainted with Organa Solo's children, Jacen and Jaina, who were also Force-sensitive. Eventually, Organa Solo and Skywalker decided on Yavin 4 as a place of study and Streen and Gantoris departed Coruscant for the new training facility.[2] Upon their arrival Streen and Gantoris helped Skywalker repair and refurbish the abandoned temples as future living quarters and training centers. They also cleared out the brush and foliage surrounding the Great Temple to make way for landing starships. Skywalker briefly departed Yavin 4 and returned with another student, Tionne, in her ship, Lore Seeker. Skywalker told the pair that Tionne was a Jedi historian and would be of great use in their future studies.[8] As their work continued, Streen and Gantoris explored the jungles of the planet, mapping it out for future training exercises. In their explorations, they discovered the Temple of Exar Kun and the power that emanated from it. Unknown to Streen, Gantoris smuggled several lightsaber crystals from the temple when he wasn't looking.[4]

Jedi training[edit | edit source]

"What does the Force feel like to you?"
"It feels like ten kilos of life in a five-kilo box. I can only feel a trickle now, like dust motes floating in a sunbeam, one by one, just moving through me, but it's just so right there's no describing it. It tickles a bit, feels like a first kiss, or the jolt you feel when the flux in sabacc just makes your hand better than what you were already betting."
―Corran Horn and Streen[src]

Streen as a Jedi student.

Alongside Gantoris, Streen was joined by ten other Jedi hopefuls, including Kirana Ti, Dorsk 81, Kam Solusar, Tionne[4] Corran Horn, Kyle Katarn, and Brakiss, making up the original class of the Jedi Academy. As their lessons began, Streen kept an open mind, approaching the lessons with a sense of wonder and humor, helping other students, such as Corran Horn to more readily accept what they were being taught. One of their earliest lessons was in conjuring Force illusions, a skill that had already been mastered by Horn. However, in their following lesson on telekinesis, Horn was less proficient, and Streen sensed his frustration and anger. When Gantoris taunted Horn over his failure, Streen also felt the enmity between the two men. Later, Streen bonded with Horn over his failures, encouraging the man by telling him that Gantoris had already trained sparingly with Skywalker, giving him an advantage.[7]

When the lessons continued, Horn used the Force to convince his fellow students that he had mastered telekinesis, creating a Force illusion of him lifting a large boulder. However, Skywalker revealed the trick to the rest of the class, intriguing Streen.[7] A later lesson concerned using the Force to protect oneself from harm, using a hot spring for practice. Although frightened of possibly being burned by heat, Streen and the rest of the students used the Force to create a barrier against the hot water. However, when they returned to telekinesis training, Gantoris revealed that he had constructed a lightsaber from the smuggled crystals and challenged his teacher to a duel. Although shocked by Gantoris' boldness, Streen stepped back with the rest of the students to watch the fight, which Skywalker won by telekinetically pulling Gantoris' lightsaber from his grasp. Unknown to Streen, Gantoris had been corrupted by the spirit of the dead Dark Lord of the Sith, Exar Kun following their journey to the temple. Following the duel, Gantoris fully gave into the power of the dark side and it consumed him from within, charring his body with dark side energies, killing him. The rest of the students and Skywalker discovered Gantoris' corpse, and Streen was sickened by his death, terrified of what had caused it.[4]

Loss of Skywalker[edit | edit source]

"Is he alive? I can't hear him."

Streen with the other Jedi trainees on Yavin 4

Despite Gantoris' death, the remaining students continued their training, eventually being joined by three new students, Mara Jade, Kyp Durron, and the Mon Calamari Cilghal. However, Kun was still present, and he latched himself onto Kyp Durron, who had shown great promise as a Jedi student. Durron was seduced and corrupted by Kun with promises of helping to destroy the Galactic Empire. Skywalker began to school the students on Jedi history, letting them listen to the tales of ancient Jedi through a recovered holocron, but Durron, armed with knowledge from Exar Kun, loudly disagreed with the stories, giving a sympathetic version of the Sith to the other students. Skywalker was disturbed by the knowledge Durron had acquired, and when Durron departed Yavin 4 in a Z-95 Headhunter stolen from Mara Jade, the students were concerned by the loss of yet another member. Despite the turmoil, Streen was still committed to his training, and he found himself working closely with another student, Kirana Ti, listening to Jedi ballads about their history, and taking journeys into the jungles of the moon to explore and train.[4]

While the students were sleeping in their quarters, Kyp Durron returned to Yavin 4 on a mission to recover the Sun Crusher, a superweapon hidden in the planet Yavin Prime. Skywalker awoke and confronted Durron, but aided by the power of Exar Kun, Durron defeated Skywalker, striking him with Force lightning and placing him into a coma. The next morning, Tionne discovered Skywalker's body and informed the students who were eating in the dining hall. They ran to his fallen body and tried to revive him, but found him unresponsive, unable to sense his presence within his body.[4] With their teacher incapacitated, the rest of the students banded together to protect Skywalker from whatever had attacked him. Kirana Ti suggested having an honor guard to protect Skywalker at all times.[7] Organa Solo arrived with her children to tend to her brother. Upon her arrival, Streen revealed that the "Dark Man", Exar Kun, had been speaking with him in his dreams and invading his thoughts. The students, frightened of Exar Kun's powers, began to discuss abandoning the Jedi path, but they were reprimanded by Organa Solo who reinvigorated their devotion to the Jedi path. They agreed to continue training together and protect Skywalker from the presence of Kun.[9] Just as they had recommitted themselves, the students felt the Destruction of Carida, and the deaths of the entire system. Streen was badly affected, the deaths of those on Carida bombarding his mind and briefly crippling him.[7]

Confronting Exar Kun[edit | edit source]

"The dark man. A dark man, a shadow. He talked to Gantoris. He talked to Kyp. You shine the light, but the shadow always stays, whispering, talking."

The Jedi confront Exar Kun in the Great Temple

The students began to rotate watching Skywalker's comatose form, held in the Grand Audience Chamber, protecting their master from any attack.[7] Under this stress, Exar Kun influenced Streen during his watch, convincing the Jedi student that Skywalker was actually the "Dark Man" and that Streen needed to destroy him. Streen used his Force powers to manipulate the weather, conjuring a Force storm to kill what he believed was a threat. Streen attempted to lift Skywalker through the roof of the temple and throw him to his death. Organa Solo arrived and grabbed her brother, but Streen lifted her as well as her children into the air. However, before Streen could finish his attempt, Kirana Ti arrived in the chamber to stop her friend.[9] Corran Horn, who was with her, projected an image of the room being empty into Streen's mind, delaying his attack and allowing Ti to get inside Streen's defenses.[7] Streen was tackled to the ground and his arms pinned behind his back. With Kirana Ti holding him down, Streen came out of his trance, distraught over being manipulated by Kun and almost killing his master. Although the other students were furious with Streen, Ti supported her friend, believing he was innocent of consciously attacking Skywalker.[9] However, Horn kept Streen close, suspicious that Exar Kun would use him again to attack Skywalker. Horn attempted to tempt Kun into making another attack by including Streen in repairs of the Z-95 Headhunter and teaching him about piloting it. Hoping that Kun would take control of Streen so they could trap him, Horn modified the starfighter to shut down if anyone attempted to attack the Great Temple. However, Kun did not take the bait.[7]

Following Streen's attack, the students found that they were able to communicate with Skywalker's spirit, which had been separated from his body. Now confident that their master was still alive, the students gathered in the war room to organize a plan of attack against Exar Kun. The group agreed to work together to counteract Kun's darkness with a wall of light.[9] During their meeting, Kun used his ties to Streen to listen in on their meeting, but the tendril of information was modified by Horn, who injected a sense of hopelessness about their plan to Kun, leaving him overconfident and severing the connection that he had with Streen. Once Kun had stopped listening, Horn gave his fellow Jedi students a plan of attack, telling them that they would counteract Kun's darkness with the light.[7]

Although the other students did not want to include Streen in their plans, worried by how Kun had manipulated him in the past, Kirana Ti vouched for him to be included.[9] In order to redeem himself for his earlier failure, Streen demanded that he be allowed to watch over Skywalker.[1] Streen was given Skywalker's lightsaber and posted next to Skywalker's comatose form. As planned, Kun appeared to Streen, attempting to convince him to attack his master. When Streen refused, the other students appeared to attack Kun. Kirana Ti, wielding Gantoris' lightsaber, prevented Kun's spirit from escaping. Kun attempted to strangle Streen with the Force and manipulate him to attack his fellow students, but Streen was able to use the Force to resist and fight past Kun's attacks,[9] also helping his fellow students to fight Kun's stranglehold.[1] The Jedi students joined their powers together to build a wall of light, trapping their enemy. They were joined by the spirits of Skywalker and Exar Kun's former master, Vodo-Siosk Baas. As Kun tried to lash out at them, Streen and Ti crossed their lightsabers across Kun's form, shattering his spirit. As the damaged fragments of Kun tried to reach out and infect the Jedi, Streen used the Force to manipulate the wind, scattering the remnants of Kun out of the temple and into the vastness of space. With the "Dark Man" destroyed, Skywalker returned to his body, proud of his students for defeating their enemy.[9][10] Streen continued to train on Yavin 4 after their victory, finding that the weather control he had developed under Exar Kun's influence was still with him. Streen continued to develop this skill, finding that he could feel and control the weather.[9]

Shortly afterwards, a fellow Jedi student Dal Konur turned to the dark side and set out to massacre the Imperial Remnant's Council of Moffs. He impersonated Streen on a number of planets to disguise his activities.[11]

Imperial attack[edit | edit source]

"Three down!"
"Are there many more left?"
―Kirana Ti and Streen destroying AT-STs[src]

Streen and Dorsk 82 on Corbos.

In 12 ABY,[12] Kyp Durron, Dorsk 81, and Cilghal were promoted to Jedi Knight, and Streen was present at the ceremony where Skywalker presented the new Jedi Knights to the rest of the Jedi Academy. A short time afterwards, the Empire, in an effort to wipe out the Jedi Academy, arrived above the moon. At the time, Streen and the rest of the Jedi students were making repairs to the Temple of the Blueleaf Cluster, as the Jedi trainees had run out of space in the Great Temple. As they used the Force to remove rubble and broken slabs, they were interrupted by the arrival of Dorsk 81 and Kyp Durron. The two Jedi Knights informed their fellow Jedi about the imminent Imperial attack. The Jedi prepared to fight, but before they could formulate a plan of attack, TIE fighters, TIE bombers, TIE landers, and Ground Assault Vehicles began to attack their position.[5]

On the Empire's first airstrike, Streen avoided being hit when Kirana Ti used the Force to push him behind a slab of stone. When Ti began to use the Force to fling rubble at the attacking TIE fighters, Streen and the other trainees followed her example to defend themselves. As a second wave approached, the Jedi retreated back to the Great Temple. Tionne attempted to raise communications with the New Republic, but they had been jammed by the Empire. With no other choice, the Jedi prepared to defend their home. In the war room, Dorsk 81 suggested pooling their energies through him to push the seventeen Imperial-class Star Destroyers that were spilling Imperial troops onto the moon, out of the system. Dorsk 81 made his way to the top of the temple, and augmented by the powers of the temples on Yavin 4, the Jedi fed their powers through the Jedi Knight. In the same way that they had joined their energy to defeat Exar Kun, Dorsk 81 was empowered enough to telekinetically push the Star Destroyers out of the system. All of the Jedi were physically drained by the attempt, and the concentrated energy overwhelmed Dorsk 81's body, killing him.[5]

Master Skywalker and his lover Callista Ming arrived shortly thereafter to organize the Jedi defense and inform the Jedi of the appearance of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Knight Hammer that had come to finish the attack. The Jedi agreed to spread out and attack the Imperials while they waited for New Republic military reinforcements. Streen and Ti joined together and hid in a thicket nearby as Imperial troops advanced on the Great Temple. Streen used his abilities to topple All Terrain Scout Transports and Ti attacked with her lightsaber. The two Jedi worked together to eliminate as many Imperials as they could, using the terrain to their advantage. The battle was eventually won when Callista, who had hijacked a TIE bomber from Imperial forces, infiltrated Knight Hammer and destroyed the ship's engines. The Knight Hammer plunged into the heart of Yavin Prime, destroying it and wining the day for the New Republic and the Jedi.[5]

Jedi Knight[edit | edit source]

"Before you use your lightsabers, let me move the wind. The storm is my ally."
―Streen on Corbos[src]

Streen battles the Leviathan on Corbos.

Following this attack, Streen was promoted to Jedi Knight and assigned as one of the few Jedi available for missions to aid the galaxy. When Skywalker was informed of a disturbance on the planet Corbos, he sent Kyp Durron and another Jedi trainee, Dorsk 82 to investigate, leaving Streen and the other new Jedi Knights to train and wait for their opportunity to leave for their own missions.[3] However, while they continued to train at the academy, they received word from Durron and Dorsk 82, requesting help on Corbos. Streen and Ti boarded a starship and departed Yavin 4 to help.[13] Upon their arrival, they discovered Dorsk 82 who informed them that they had discovered a dangerous beast that had wiped out Corbos Mining City. Durron was locked in combat with the creature, and Streen, Ti, and Dorsk 82 boarded an overlander and raced to their friend's aid.[14]

When they arrived at the site where Durron had been last seen, the group descended into the mines where the creature had appeared. During their exploration, they discovered a large group of Leviathan larvae, the precursors to the beast that had wiped out the colony. The larvae attacked the group, but they fended them off, using the Force and their lightsabers. The group continued to search for Durron, sensing him on the other side of the mine, and after climbing their way out, they found Durron next to a Leviathan, having killed it in battle.[14] However, the Leviathan he had defeated was only a juvenile version, and a full-grown Leviathan appeared. The Jedi worked together to drive the beast back, but it was unaffected, and they were forced to attack it with their lightsabers. In the struggle, the Leviathan fell into the mines, plunging into a lake of magma below. However, the creature was still not dead, and it continued the attack, throwing lava blindly. However, Dorsk 82 came up with a plan to defeat the Leviathan, using a generator placed in the mines. As Streen and the other Jedi distracted the creature, Dorsk 82 activated the generator, electrocuting the creature when it bit into the metal cables attached to it. Successful in their mission, the Jedi returned to Yavin 4.[15] Their efforts on Corbos were lauded as a great victory, remembered even many years later.[16] During the Disciples of Ragnos crisis, Streen was dispatched with Tionne to investigate locations, from which the Disciples may have siphoned Force energy.[17]

Caretaker of the Academy[edit | edit source]

Streen with his lightsaber

"I can no longer do this work. And the work I have to do cannot be done here."
"Then it's time for you to leave, past time, I think, now that I understand why you've been pulling away from us. And I will not ask where you are going."
"Thank you, do you accept the burden I have offered you?"
"Yes, I accept it. I free you in good conscience from your duties. I will carry this weight now. Though I don't feel ready."
―Luke Skywalker appoints Streen to lead the Praxeum[src]

In 14 ABY, Streen was still present at the Jedi Praxeum as a senior Jedi. He was assigned by Master Skywalker to decipher recovered tablets known as the Books of Massassi, which revealed many of the self-perceived insignificance of the Massassi people of Yavin 4, a desire for perfection that had left them vulnerable to the dark side domination of Exar Kun. However, the job of translation was an arduous process, and two years later, in 16 ABY, Streen had not yet completed the task, only having just started on the sixteenth book in the tablets. At this point, Streen had been promoted to Jedi Master, and he was called to the Temple Atun to speak with Master Skywalker and discuss his progress on the tablets. However, the meeting also had another purpose. Skywalker, feeling that his connection to the Force was faltering, had decided to take some time away from the Academy. He assigned Streen as the temporary leader while he was gone, a task which Streen agreed to, but not without some hesitation. However, Streen had felt Skywalker pulling away from his students as of late, and he encouraged him to leave to rejuvenate his connection with the Force. Skywalker informed the rest of the academy of his departure and introduced Streen as their leader. That night, Streen was the only one to witness Skywalker's departure in an E-wing escort starfighter as he was meditating on top of the Great Temple.[18]

Upon his master's departure, the academy was contacted by Organa Solo, but Streen protected Skywalker's reasons for leaving, only informing the woman that he had no insight for her.[18] Shortly thereafter, he was contacted by General Lando Calrissian, who had come to Yavin 4 to collect Skywalker's droids, C-3PO and R2-D2 for a secret mission. Although Calrissian had not spoken with Skywalker, he lied to Streen that the Jedi Master had given him permission to take the droids, and Streen allowed them to depart the world with Calrissian.[18] During Skywalker's travels, he kept in contact with Streen, who informed him of the status of the academy.[19] Additionally, Streen attempted to inform Skywalker about Calrissian confiscating the droids, but Skywalker did not respond, and Streen was unable to contact Calrissian after his departure, due to his being trapped aboard the Teljkon Vagabond[20]

By 17 ABY, Skywalker had returned to the Jedi Praxeum, and Streen continued to serve as a teacher. When Skywalker departed Yavin 4 suddenly to deal with the Almanian Uprising, Streen was once again placed in charge. He fielded calls from Calrissian who was attempting to contact Skywalker, passing the details of his master's departure for the galactic capital.[21]

The Yuuzhan Vong War[edit | edit source]

Streen during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

"I engaged the Yuuzhan Vong, as well, and could not sense them in the Force. They seem disconnected or shielded from it."
"If they are not connected with the Force, how can they be alive?"
"That's an excellent question, Streen. I have no answer for you. I just don't know."
―Luke Skywalker and Streen[src]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Streen was present at the Conclave on Yavin 4 to discuss the approach towards the Yuuzhan Vong invaders. Streen was one of several Jedi supporting Luke Skywalker over Kyp Durron's more aggressive tactics. Alongside Corran Horn, Streen denounced Durron and his supporters, including Wurth Skidder, by advocating a more cautious approach to the invaders.[22] As the war continued, the Yuuzhan Vong conquered the planet of Obroa-skai, putting the Jedi Academy at risk. Streen requested for Skywalker to return to Yavin 4, which was being overseen by himself, Kam Solusar, and Tionne Solusar, who had married Kam in the intervening years. However, Streen was requested to join Skywalker on Coruscant to discuss a new development. When the Jedi arrived, Master Skywalker informed the group of two possible Yuuzhan Vong defectors, the Priestess Elan and her familiar Vergere that were offering potential information on the illness that had befallen Skywalker's wife, Mara Jade Skywalker. Streen was skeptical of the defectors, but he agreed with the rest of the assembled Jedi to meet with the Yuuzhan Vong as a group to ward off any potential betrayal. However, before they could meet with the defectors, it was revealed by Han Solo that Elan was a double agent on a mission to kill the Jedi, and his efforts resulted in the Yuuzhan Vong's death.[23]

Shortly afterwards, Streen was involved in a discussion between Anakin and Jacen Solo regarding the possible use of Centerpoint Station as a weapon against the Yuuzhan Vong. The talk was interrupted by the arrival of information broker Talon Karrde who had come to discuss gathering information about the possibility of Hutt Space colluding with the invaders. The Jedi agreed to help gather information upon this possible development.[24] In 26 ABY, the Yuuzhan Vong attacked the Jedi Praxeum, just as Streen had feared. However, the assault began while Streen was on Corellia with Peckhum, procuring supplies for the academy. The Jedi students managed to evacuate the moon with the help of Anakin Solo and Talon Karrde.[25] Shortly thereafter, Streen joined efforts with a number of other Jedi in trying to discover the location of the voxyn queen. Specifically, he searched the logs of the captured ship Sweet Surprise, which had been smuggling voxyn, for any gaps. The combined effort of the Jedi, especially scientist-healer Cilghal would pinpoint Myrkr as the location, leading to the mission to Myrkr. Streen would support Jacen Solo in arguing against the mission but eventually it would go ahead, successful but with heavy losses.[26] In 28 ABY, Streen was considered for a position on the Master's Council, but was passed over in favor of Jedi more oriented towards action.[27]

During the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar, Streen joined several other Jedi serving aboard vessels in the Galactic Alliance fleet. There, Streen joined in with the Force meld to help coordinate the allied forces. Following the conclusion of the war, Streen was present at the Conclave on Zonama Sekot where he listened alongside the other Jedi to an address by Master Skywalker on the state of the Jedi Order following the losses they had sustained in the war. Streen, Damaya, and Kirana Ti informed Skywalker that they would head to Dathomir to aid in rebuilding there.[6] With his fellow Jedi, Streen established a Jedi Praxeum on the world to train the native witches in the ways of the Jedi.[10]

After the War[edit | edit source]

Streen beside Ben Skywalker during the Funeral of Mara Jade Skywalker

"I'm not much of a storyteller, but after Tionne heard me talking with some youngster who'd asked me about that business with Exar Kun, she wanted me to tell it again for the record, so here I am."

In 40 ABY, Streen was interviewed about his role in the defeat of Exar Kun by Tionne Solusar, who included his account in her historical compendium, Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force. He was later present at the Funeral of Mara Jade Skywalker, standing next to Ben Skywalker as he mourned his mother's passing.[10][28]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"I am so used to being alone that I can only stand so much in the way of company."
―Streen to Corran Horn[src]

Streen was a quiet and subdued individual who was greatly affected by his connection to the Force. Due to his Force-sensitivity, Streen could feel the moods and desires of those around him, and he found it difficult to be around large crowds due to the constant bombardment of sentient thoughts. When the Empire conquered Cloud City, the increased stress and chaos of those around him made staying in the city unbearable for Streen. He was forced to abandon the city and live as a hermit. For around eight years, Streen lived alone, with only rawkks for company. Although Streen was lonely,[2] he became used to being alone.[7] By 11 ABY, Streen was approaching old age, and his once brown hair was marked with streaks of gray, giving his hair a creamy color. Additionally, his time flying through the clouds of Bespin had given him a leathery look to his skin, the result of many years of strong winds beating against his face and drying it out.[2]

As a prospector, Streen wore a well-worn jumpsuit decked with many pockets to hide prospecting equipment. Streen cleared out the majority of these pockets upon leaving Bespin, claiming that he would never return to Bespin. While on Coruscant, Streen was offered a clean set of warm clothes, but he refused, preferring to wear his jumpsuit instead.[2] However, upon beginning his training on Yavin 4, Streen wore a brown Jedi robe like the rest of the Jedi students.[4] Streen continued to wear his prospector's helmet during his training, wearing it while on the mission to Corbos.[14] However, by the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Second Galactic Civil War, Streen had parted with it, wearing only a simple cap.[10][29]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

"Tell me, Streen—how do you know when a gas layer is going to rise? Where do you get your information?"
"I just…know. I can't explain it."
"Everyone can use the Force to some extent, but a few have a stronger innate talent. When I form my Jedi academy, I want to work most closely with those who already have the talent but don't know how to use it. Gantoris is one of my candidates. I think you should be another one."
―Luke Skywalker and Streen[src]

Streen using his power

Streen had a very powerful Force empathy, able to feel the sensations and thoughts of others, non-stop, until they would overwhelm him. While living on Bespin, Streen's inability to control this power led him to shun human contact, making his way to the abandoned settlement on Tibannopolis. It was the promise of controlling this ability that led Streen to accept Skywalker's offer of training on Yavin 4. The effect of this ability on Streen was lessened if those around him had control over their thoughts. Additionally, children, with less complicated thoughts and motives, had a smaller effect on Streen's mind.[2] Streen was eventually able to control this ability, blocking out the thoughts of those around him.[3]

Streen was particularly good at Alter Environment,[1] specifically conjuring Force storms, something that came naturally to him.[3][9] Streen had some proficiency in precognition, able to sense when a gas cloud was about to erupt on Bespin, allowing him to get there first and siphon the gas before other miners.[2] During his isolation, Streen once used the Force to make one of his pet rawkks do a dance for him, but he immediately felt guilty about what he had done, believing that this ability tapped into the dark side of the Force. It was Corran Horn's belief that Streen's brief touch with the dark side had allowed Kun to tap into Streen and take possession of him.[7] By 16 ABY, Streen was able to levitate himself through the Force, using this ability to descend from Temple Atun.[18] While fighting Exar Kun, Streen used Luke Skywalker's lightsaber to defeat the Dark Lord of the Sith, and he returned the weapon to its owner following Skywalker's awakening from his coma.[9] Streen later built his own lightsaber (on which he installed a small compartment to store imperial credits) and used it during the mission to Corbos to attack the Leviathan.[15]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Although Streen is not mentioned in the novel Legacy of the Force: Inferno, an illustration in the sourcebook Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force includes him in a group of Jedi Masters standing behind Saba Sebatyne while she gives a eulogy at the funeral of Mara Jade Skywalker, an event that occurs within Inferno's pages. Artist Chris Trevas included Streen because he needed more people in the picture than just the Jedi who were named in the book, and the text's vague mention of "Jedi Masters" accompanying Sebatyne allowed for Streen's presence.[30]

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