An Imperial trooper holds Lumpy's stuffed bantha from when he was young.

A stuffed bantha was a toy for children. Similar toys were the stuffed tauntaun[1] and the stuffed dewback.[2]


During the time of the Clone Wars, Night Forael Wren, the daughter of Senator Lavina Durada-Vashne Wren, owned a purple-colored stuffed bantha and she took it with her when she was kidnapped by the Thaereian military.[3]

Vardias Tyne made a toy bantha to give to the bantha-worshiping Dim-U monks in 1 ABY, as he hoped to appease them, after they hired a bounty hunter called Rhalia Jinsari to kill him.[2]

Bantha Traxx Boutique gift shop

The stuffed bantha was the favorite toy of Lumpawaroo. When an Imperial search party invaded Lumpy's house on Kashyyyk, a naval guard ripped the head off the toy bantha. This made Lumpy very upset, and motivated him to create a signal that would fool the Imperials into leaving his house and going back to their base.[4]

Stuffed banthas were also sold in the Bantha Traxx Boutique gift shop on Lianna.[5]

In 8.5 ABY Leia Organa Solo found a stuffed bantha belonging to the daughter of Kitster Chanchani Banai. It was a sign to her that Tamora Spice was being evasive about being alone in the house.[6]

In 40 ABY, Jacen Solo would give his daughter, Allana, a stuffed bantha[7] and later a stuffed tauntaun[1] as a present. She named the tauntaun "Jacen" after him, so that when he was away and she missed him, she could talk to the tauntaun.



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