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"You never forget the first time you get whacked with one of those things."
―Han Solo[3]

A stun baton or shock baton was a non-lethal short-range melee weapon that immobilized organic targets with a powerful electrical shock.


"Who wouldn't want a sturdy club that releases a low-powered stun charge every time you hit someone with it?"
Chentu Chek[src]

A stun baton had a power pack in the handle,[2] which was used to activate the high-density cells that produced a stunning charge, making the weapon a little unwieldy.[4] It required the user to physically touch or strike the target in order to immobilize them effectively. It is dated to be used back during the Jedi Civil War.

The stun baton was used by Sector Rangers[5] as well as police, who used it as a crowd-control weapon. The 501-Z police droid was likewise typically equipped with a stun baton.[5] It was also used by guards or security officers of the Core Worlds such the Espos of Corellia,[6] as well as security forces that worked for trade organizations such as the Metatheran Cartel[7] or even criminal organizations. In contrast, slaver organizations such as the Mytaranor Slaving Council used stun batons to a more lethal effect.[8]

The stun baton was also used as a backup melee weapon by Galactic Alliance Infantry Troopers.[9] Some brawlers would use them in melee combat to increase their attack power.

It is rumored that during the Galactic Civil War, there existed material to build stun batons with incredible power in a Geonosian Bio-Lab, supposedly hidden on Yavin 4.


A stun baton used by Adascopolis Civil Authority.


A stun baton

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