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Stun blasters were a type of blaster capable of stunning targets. Models of stun blaster included the LBR-9 stun rifle manufactured by BlasTech Industries[1] and the Deck Sweeper Stun Blaster manufactured by Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc.[2] Cybot Galactica's WSW Mk III "Harrier" Combat Remote had built in stun blasters that could be used when training with the remotes.[3] The weapon could be stripped down to make a stun blaster attachment for the hilt of a lightsaber, allowing the wielder to user the weapon as a blaster and conceal its true nature.[1]

Ezra lightsaber

Ezra's first lightsaber had a built-in stun blaster.

During the Clone Wars, Alderaanian aide Sheltay Retrac carried a stun blaster in case she ever had to defend herself or Senator Bail Organa of the planet Alderaan.[4] The Jedi Ezra Bridger incorporated a stun blaster into his first lightsaber that was a souped-up version of an energy slingshot he had previously used.[5]

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