"One of Jabba's Gammoreans took mine, but I'll get it back."
Greedo, on his stun cloak[src]

A stun cloak

A stun cloak was an unusual weapon system used to stun unwary targets. It was often used by bounty hunters.

The stun cloak was originally a personal defense system consisting of a meter long cloak. It contained specially designed fibers, which gave the cloak a metallic sheen.

When it came into contact with living tissue, the cloak would electrostatically adhere to the target's body. A hand-held panel (usually contained in the cloak's clasp) produced a focused electrical charge capable of stunning the target. It could be used three times before a micro cell in the cloak temporarily shut it down in order to recycle the energy and recharge it within three minutes.

Stun cloaks typically cost 1,500 credits.

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