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Stun grenades were grenades that stunned opponents, usually used when the object of a mission was to detain, capture, or subdue rather than kill.


Stun grenade explosion

These weapons were small, weighed about 0.5 kilograms, and had a blast radius of between 3 and 4 meters. Mercenary units, local law enforcement, and military personnel were known to use them. These grenades were designed to explode on impact and could knock out individuals caught within the blast radius from the concussive force released. They were effective against organic, living targets, not droids or electronics; ion grenades or similar devices would be used to incapacitate droids. From 32 BBY to 4 ABY, these items typically cost 600 credits, but were sometimes available for as low as 250. As with other explosives, they were often restricted.[1]

The Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. weapons manufacturer produced a couple of variants of the stun grenade, including the C-10 stun grenade, and the C-14A stun grenade which had the unusual ability to be recharged and reused. Another variant was the Spore/B stun grenade which actually released microscopic Bothan stun spores to incapacitate targets.


During the Rise of the Empire era, stun grenades were carried by Clone commandos.[4] During the Imperial era they were used by Coruscant Guards and elite prison guards known as Imperial Dungeoneers.[5] During the Rebellion era they were used by Spacetroopers of the Galactic Empire and SpecForce infiltrators of the Rebel Alliance.[6]

Stun grenades were used by stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire as well as Stormtroopers in the Empire of the Hand.

Other users of stun grenades were bounty hunters, who tracked and recovered sentient beings for a monetary reward. Since bounty hunters usually sought to capture their targets rather than kill them, stun grenades were a useful tool.[1] Law enforcement and security personnel also found stun grenades useful when non-lethal tactics were required.[7]



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