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Ahsoka Tano caught in a stun net

Stun nets were a type of nonlethal weapon used to subdue and capture live subjects. Originally stuns nets were the preferred method of capturing newly-discovered animals by the Republic Scout Service for immediate study, but their use soon spread to other areas. Stun nets were used by big game hunters to capture animals with their hides intact, while others formed part of automatic security systems for military encampments. Bounty hunters and slavers also used them to capture valuable prey alive.[1]

Stun nets were made of a strong duracord, with stun threads or stun beads woven into it, and covered with a liquid adhesive. The adhesive served to trap the target within the net while a paralyzing electrical shock was discharged by the stun materiel. The electrical shock could be delivered upon contact with the net or initiated via remote control, which could also vary the intensity of the shock delivered.[1]

While stun nets could be laid out to capture a target, they were also loaded into canisters which could be fired by net launchers. Examples of these net launchers included the Golan Arms RL-40 stun net launcher and Golan Arms RGL-80A electronet grenade launcher.[1]



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