"Incompetent, unimaginative oaf. The only reason he holds a command at all is that so many officers above him defected to Fel."
―Vul Isen[src]

Sturves was a Commander in Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire who participated in the Skirmish on Dac. He commanded the Acklay Battle Fortress, Sea Lion, as he and his battle group attempted to track down and exterminate Mon Calamari refugees.


"I want those fishheads executed!"
―Sturves about the Mon Calamari Rangers[src]

According to Sith scientist Vul Isen, Sturves was an incompetent commander who started his career in the Imperial Military at a relatively low rank. He eventually was promoted to Commander following the coup by Darth Krayt. When many officers in the Imperial Army defected to the overthrown Emperor Roan Fel and joined his Empire-in-exile, there was a gap in the hierarchy, and Sturves was promoted to fill the gap, despite lacking the skills needed for the position. As a Commander, Sturves was placed in charge of an Acklay-class mobile fortress dubbed the Sea Lion.

Following Emperor Darth Krayt's decree that ten percent of the Mon Calamari on Dac were to be eliminated, with the rest being sent to extermination camps, Sturves and the crew of the Sea Lion were sent on a mission to track down Mon Calamari civilians that had fled into the oceans of the planet. Sturves' group came upon a settlement of Mon Calamari refugees, and he ordered Shark Squadron, a unit of Shark subfighters, to destroy the camp. However, Mon Calamari Rangers under the command of Tanquar, appeared in their Krakana fighter craft to protect the defenseless civilians. When Shark Squadron began to take casualties, Sturves ordered Lieutenant Troax to send seatroopers into the water to defeat the Rangers. Alpha Squadron was sent to deal with the threat, but they were attacked by Imperial Knight Treis Sinde. Sinde quickly destroyed the group, and then boarded the Sea Lion.

Sturves was unprepared for Sinde's assault, and the Imperial Knight destroyed the Sea Lion's docking bay, causing the ship to flood. Not wishing to lose his ship, Sturves prepared to leave the battlefield. Lieutenant Troax recalled Shark Squadron to cover their retreat, and Sturves was able to escape to effect repairs to his damaged vessel. Following this, Sturves submitted a report of the incident to Darth Azard, the Sith Lord who had been placed in charge of the massacre. Azard and Sith scientist, Vul Isen had been busy creating a Sithspawned creature, the Sea Leviathan. Based on Sturves' report, the Sith knew the general location of the Mon Calamari Rangers, and decided to use the Sea Leviathan in that area to draw out their enemy.

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Sturves first appeared in the 2009 comic Legacy 32: Fight Another Day, Part 1, the first issue of Star Wars: Legacy's Fight Another Day story arc.


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