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The Sub-Adult Group (SAGroup) was a youth-based organization consisting of enthusiastic youth members fervently loyal to Emperor Sheev Palpatine, the Galactic Empire, and the tenets of the New Order. Shaped into patriots by the standardized curricula written by the SAGEducation branch of the Coalition for Progress, SAGroup recruits saw the youth program as a fast track to a political career.[1]

Although military imagery was common in SAGroup recruitment posters, SAGroup recruits were trained to become loyal administrators and bureaucrats. SAGroup also served as an alternate path to traditional enrollment in the Imperial Academy.[1] As such, despite the military imagery, the SAGroup was not formally part of the Imperial Military. Therefore its members did not directly participate in military operations unlike with the First Order—the Empire's successor organization.[2]



SAGEducation (Sub-Adult Group Education) was responsible for creating standardized curricula designed to shape young citizens into patriots.[1]


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