Subject 4D668493X was a bioengineered predator created by an Imperial contractor. Allegedly, it was a specimen from a program dedicated to create a creature that could aid Imperial officers in their efforts to track down and apprehend criminals. Pale-skinned, it possessed sharp teeth, claws, and a whip-like tail, as well as capable night vision and a strong sense of smell.[1][2] A disintegration-only bounty of AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png50,000 was placed upon the creature after it escaped from the laboratory in which it was being held.[1]

The posted bounty portrayed Subject 4D668493X as a simple lab animal that happened to slip out at an opportune moment, killing several men before fleeing. However, it displayed significant intelligence in escaping a high-security facility and stowing away unnoticed in a soon-to-depart ship. Additionally, despite being described as "bloodthirsty," the creature remained patiently in said ship's cargo hold until it reached Tatooine rather than attack the unsuspecting crew. Subject 4D668493X was even knowledgeable enough to be able to read and write Basic and wield blasters.[1]

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