The subjugation of Firro took place prior to the Battle of Yavin.

The subjugationEdit

At some point prior to the Battle of Yavin,[2] the Galactic Empire completed[6] a ruthless subjugation of the peaceful[1] Core World[8] planet Firro, home to a native[4] non-Human species.[3] The Imperial Army and Imperial Navy[4] strove for many months to conquer the planet in a campaign that proved brutal even by the Empire's horrific standards,[1] as the planet's native populace suffered many deaths and atrocities.[6][7] Imperial participants in the subjugation of Firro included the Human male Ardan.[3] Eventually, one Lord Cuvir,[6] a vicious[4] and draconian[9] man, was proclaimed Firro's Imperial governor.[6]

As a show of benevolence, the Empire provided a woefully inadequate medical team to treat[1] Firro's seemingly endless flow of wounded refugees. The medical staff, highly dedicated nonetheless,[4] included the surgical droid 2-1B, who worked continuously throughout the months-long subjugation[1] to help Firro's countless casualties in their great pain and suffering.[5] Firro's wounded eventually began to decrease as the Empire settled in for a long occupation of the planet.[6]



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