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The subjugation of Ithor occurred in the early years of the Galactic Empire. The advent of smuggling activity around Ithorian space brought the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Conquest into orbit over the forest planet. The opportunistic Captain Alima of the Galactic Empire then laid siege to Ithor. Alima sought to obtain the secrets of Ithorian technology. When High Priest Momaw Nadon initially refused, Alima ordered the bafforr forest of Cathor Hills to be fired on. Thousands of the sentient trees were killed in the resulting inferno. When Alima then turned his guns on the Tafanda Bay, Nadon gave in to his demands.

Following this incident, the Ithor Council excommunicated Nadon from Ithor, and he lived a number of years on Tatooine. The incident also resulted in many Ithorians clandestinely supporting the Alliance to Restore the Republic.



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